The real reason you should learn to bite your tongue

Miss J had the hiccups tonight. It was after bed time when she came out to the lounge, hiccuping away. She sat down on my lap and looked at me, oh so seriously, then she asked,
"Mum?" *hicc* "Why is my tongue..." *hicc* "... Trying to run away?" *hicc*


baby~amore' said...

how cute the things the kewl girls say ! poor Miss J

Pencil Writer said...

What an intriguiging way to describe hiccups! Kids are so pratical.

Kisses and hugs to the darling KEWL girls! (Mom, included.)

Alison said...

Trish - they do come out with some very cute lines. I can't wait to hear what your boys start coming up with!

PW - it is a very intriguing description, isn't it?
Thanks for the kisses and hugs. We like getting hugs from people in our Friends circle!

katef - said...

he he he he that is such a cool way to look at it!