Where, oh where, is the snooze button?

Miss V, "Mu-um, is it time to get up yet?"
Me, "So not even half way close, darling."

Miss V, "Mu-um, is the sun even close to getting up yet?"
Me, "No way, I say."

Miss V, "How about now, mum?..... Mum?"
Me, "How about some more sleep Miss V..."

Miss V, "Mum! MUM LOOK! I see the sun!"
Me, "The sun is still sleeping Vay. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeping."
Miss V, "I know. I was tricking."

Miss V, "Mu-um.... Mu-um.... Mu-um!"
Me, "Yeeeesssssss....."
Miss V, "Now is it almost close to getting up time?"
Me, "Noooooooo....."

Miss V, "Mummy... I love you. Can we get up now?"
Me, "I love you too. Go back to sleep."
Miss V, "Mum!"
Me, *snoring noises*

Miss V, "Mummy, I'm going to go and make you breakfast in bed until it bes time to get up, ok mum?"
Me, "Ok darling."

Me, *sprinting to the kitchen* "Miss V! What's wrong?"
Miss V, "There's..... *sob* ..... No...... *sob* ......... M-m-m-mmmmiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Me, "We don't drink milk, Miss V...."
Miss V, "I know. I was just tricking."
Me, "Bed. Sleep. Now."
Miss V, "Try and use full sentences, mum. It's easier to understand you then...."

Miss V, "Mum I really can see sun now! LOOK!"
Me, "Why don't you tell it a story about a sleepy possum and her sleepy mum?"
Miss V, "Naahhh. Why don't you get up?"
Me, "Ok. Let's get up."
Miss V, "No just you mum. Not me. I go be sleep now. Night mum."
Me, "Night Miss V." *Blissful relaxing sleepy wave just about to wash over me*

Miss J, "Morning mum!"
Miss F, "Hi mum! It's time to get up now!"
Miss V, "Shhhh! I'm sleeping! Go be away now!"

.... And so, Miss J, Miss F and mummy went away to have a very wakeful morning while Miss V enjoyed a very restful sleep in.

That night, when mummy was very very tired and struggling to keep her head out of her dinner, Miss V offered her some advice....

"Mum? You look tired. Are you tired? I think you are tired mum. Mum? Do you think that maybe you are too tired now because you might not have maybe given yourself enough sleep last night? That is probably the reason, isn't it mum? So mum, do you think it would be a good idea to go to bed early tonight so you will be awake-er more tomorrow? You're boring when you're tired mum. You need more sleep so you be funny again. Go to bed early tonight mum. But not yet, you better do the dishes first. Ok mum?"

Ok, Miss V.

Freaky Home Learner's Enriching Activity

Miss J, "Mum, I'm bored."
Me, "Pardon?"
Miss J, "I'm bored."
Me, "Sorry?"
Miss J, "I'm bored, mum."
Me, "Say that again? I don't understand you?"
Miss J, "Mum! I'm! BORED!"
Me, (Squinting at her)..... "But you don't look like a board....." (Taking her hand and shaking it so her whole arm wobbles) "And you don't feel like a board...." (Licking the side of her face) "Yuck, you certainly don't taste like a board....."
Miss J, "No mum, that's not what I mean!"
Me, "Oh! Well what do you mean?"

Miss J, "I mean my mind is becoming restless from lack of stimulation and I would like an enriching activity to focus my thoughts on before I lose all ability to concentrate and my body becomes too fatigued to embrace any action!"

Me, "Oh. I see. Um, how old are you again?"
Miss J, *Sigh* "I'm four and 3 twelfths, mum."
Me, "Right. Just checking. So an enriching activity to focus your thoughts on, hey?"
Miss J, "Yep..."
Me, "Well, we could go for a walk and see how many fairies we can spot.... Or we could go take some photos.... Or we could...."
Miss J, "Oooh! Oooh! I know!!!!!! We can go pick our noses and feed it to the dog!"
Me, "....... Umm...... You go, I'll keep thinking."