Pip and Ray!

We turned the corner and the road changed from asphalt to dirt. We drove up hill a little way, then turned another corner and drove over a stretch of potholes. Then we slowed, turned into our driveway and began our decent home. Right on cue, three sleepy children stirred from the back seat.

Miss J said, "Hi house! We're ho-ome!"
Miss V signed "home" and clapped her hands happily.
Miss F yelled, "Pip!" and we all shouted, "RAY!!!"
Nelly was so excited she peed before she got out of the car. I didn't get annoyed though - I knew how she felt.
When we walked in our front door again for the first time since last Friday, I sprang a leak too (I cried. Just in case you needed reassuring).

"Happy tears, mum?"
"Yes Miss F. Blissful and relieved and VERY happy tears."
"OK. Just checking."

Things have been a little unsettled for us lately. We had an unexpected guest, got thrown some unexpected challenges, had some unexpected outcomes and went on an unexpected road trip.
And you know what?
I've decided I like 'expected'!

But we're home now, and I have just one thing left to say...



Lin said...

dWhat a lovely home coming description, Al.

Welcome home!

jeanie said...


Yep, sometimes unexpected just sucks.

baby~amore' said...

hugs and hope for the expected "ray"s in your life ...

Hope all things come together agian for the good.

I love the sensitive natures of your daughters who read your feelings and check you are okay ... what precious minders you have.

I will need that wipe bottom button too I think ...

Pencil Writer said...

Blessings to you and your precious/precocious girls. My unfortunate (?) unexpecteds be few and far between.

Pencil Writer said...

So sorry. I can't spell or read, edit, apparently... "My" should read "May". Where's a red pen when one needs it?

Megan from Imaginif said...

Ray, ray, ray. I missed you guys.
Hi girls, hi Mum: welcome home.

Alison said...

It's good to be home, Lin! Thanks for the welcome.

Jeanie - Unexpected does suck sometimes. But then, sometimes so does 'expected'. Work that out, universe.

Thanks for the hugs, Trish! Things have definitely come together for the good, and yes 'precious minders' is a fabulous description for my girls.

PW - Rest assured we do not do 'unfortunate' very often. Thank you for your blessings :) (and no red pens around here!)

Hi Megan! We missed you too. So much so I'm thinking of a Cairns journey and a certain Protective Play Party. What do you think?

Mountaingirl said...

Oh if every homecoming was so warmly welcomed! I love coming home, and being home but, now I think about it, I do take it for granted so often. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for small treasures - and a beautiful post :-)

Megan from Imaginif said...

Come, come COME.......It would be a pleasure and I can help you out with accommodation (at my home). Pack the car girlies, you're coming to see Aunty Megan.