A Very Kewl Announcement!

Miss J, "Well, it pretty much happens like this..."

Miss F, "Sammi and Mary had sexual intercourse with a turkey baster..."

Miss V, "Even though Mary is a vegan...."

Miss F, "Yeah and Sammi is really bad at cooking...."

Miss J, "But they did good!"

Miss V, "Yeah!"

Miss F, "And now Mary is growing their baby!"

Miss J, "Ah ha. And it is going to come out of her vagina..."

Miss V, "And her vagina will never be the same again."

Miss F, "Umm.. It probably should say that their lives will never be the same again... But that's true too..."

It's hard to stay in a bad mood with kids like mine

Even though 83% is on of the most disgusting statistics on sexual assault I have EVER heard,
Even though I am still dumbfounded that meaningful action is, for the most part, non-existent,
And even though it sometimes feels like the battle is just too big to fight,

My bad mood is lifting.

Because you cannot empower others while you are feeling dis-empowered,
Because you cannot inspire action while you are uninspired,
And because you cannot win if you do not fight.

Yesterday the Kewl Kids and I were surveying the property from our veranda. It is pouring rain here at the moment and yesterday the back paddocks had already started to flood. I'd moved those animals that I could to higher ground, and so chaos reigned supreme as goats and Shetland ponies and ducks and dogs became new roomies and kicked up some mud in their new pad. We were having a good laugh at their antics when Miss J spotted the dog getting a little too friendly with the goat. From the other end of the veranda she called out,

"Mu-um! The dog is trying to have sexual intercourse with the goat again!"

I laughed until I cried, and my bad mood began to lift... Not because of the possibility of breeding the first ever puppy goats - but because Miss J had used appropriate language to describe what she was seeing, and in doing so, she reminded me that while I cannot educate everyone - I can certainly educate my children.

My children are empowered with sexuality knowledge and self protection skills.

And that, is Kewl.