Miss V's Vocabulary

Yep, it's all about Miss V this week. This is another post in her honour, and there is still a polar surprise to come...

This one isn't all love light and bliss though, 'cause that would just get boring!
After a couple of comments about Miss V's talking skills I thought it only fair to offer a slightly different perspective.

When we got home this afternoon, Miss V did not want to get out of the car. She insisted I shut all the doors and leave her alone. I obliged, and I went back frequently to ask if she was ready to get out.

These were the words she threw my way when I opened the door at 5 minute intervals:

5: "NO!"

10: "Umm.. NO!"

15: "NO!"

20: "NO!"

25: "NO!"

30: "Ha ha! NO!"

35: "NO!"

40: "NO!"

45: "NO!"

Then my personal favourite..

50: "Access denied, fool!"

That would be a NO then..?


Melody said...


Pencil Writer said...

Okay. So Miss V is entering the "3's" self determined and slightly more interested in atonomy? Or perhaps just experimenting with the effectiveness of the word "NO"? Kids amaze me. I learned many years ago that when 2 to 3 year-old kids discover the the power of the word "no" they will often say it even when they truly mean the opposite.

However, when, after an hour of decidedly repeating the same with added emphasis of "access denied"--Wow! She is a determined little one, isn't she?

I would have had trouble accepting the "fool" addition. In my household that wouldn not be acceptable application to one's parents or any others. Too disrespectful.

But one can admire her sticking to her convictions. Quite necessary in today's world!

How did the situation resolve?

baby~amore' said...

OMG - that is so funny. My boys refuse to leave the car by climbing to the far side and laughing.
Sometimes they wiggle the NO finger at me .
She is a genuis - now who taught her so say that !

alice said...

Oh my! ;)

Megan from Imaginif said...

Love it and love her (I'm with Melody's snort). Children who can say no (and continue to practice saying 'no') to authority figures are far less likely to become victims of sexual assault. Go Alison, go Ms V.

Ummmmmm...were the windows in the car wound down? Of course they were or Nanook would have been unable to catch Salmon and he may have starved to death.

Come on with the Polar surprise...I want to know now!

Alison said...

Melody - Yep, my reaction exactly!

PW - She is certainly self determined... No idea where she gets THAT from...
The situations didn't resolve so much as I DISolved into fits of hysterical laughter. Fool or not, it was just too funny!

Trish - I can just see them wiggling the NO finger!
The "access denied" line has been floating around in her home learning group for a while now, I think.

Alice - Indeed!

Megan - She certainly has this whole saying no to adults thing down pat. Kewl, huh.
Yes, the windows were open. Nanuk was hiding in the boot though, clever bear that he is!