I ran into S, a work colleague and friend, in town today. She is a fabulous, loud, over the top, light up the room, best friends with everyone kind of gal. When we get together the results tend to be somewhat, well, loud and over the top. Today was no exception.
After we air kissed about a hundred times she announced to the world that she was wearing her "washing day undies" and they were currently "exploring the great divide". Then she unleashed her affections on the girls.

F and J have met her before and they both adore her. They giggled and twirled and air kissed like there was no tomorrow.
It was a new experience for Miss V though, and my kewl, calm and collected little earth girl was not so impressed.

S: "Who's this little cherub then?! Aren't you just the most precious little gorgie porgie thing I've ever seen?!!"

Miss V: "No. I'm V. And you're standing too close."

Darling S was speechless.


baby~amore' said...

on my word V is a character but at least you know she will stand her ground in life.

Pencil Writer said...

WOW! You've trained your girls well. And talk about empowered! After she gets to know S. she may warm up--when she knows how to deal with/accept her profuse, extroverted personality AND knows that Mom's kewl with S.

Love reading your posts! Thank you so much for brightening my days.

Alison said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!
This was actually another self protection victory for us. We're playing a game at the moment called 1-2-3 STOP! The child who is 'it' draws a line on the ground and then stands their safe distance behind it. Then the other players stand 5+ metres away and we roll the dice to see how many steps to take. When the players reach the line everyone yells "STOP!" - Because if you cross the line, you're standing too close! Then everyone runs back to the start and the last one back is the new 'it'.
Maybe S could play with us next time! lol

Mountaingirl said...

More power to V ... especially as everyone else was having such a positive time with your friend. Peer pressure isn't going to get to her :-)

I love catching up with friends like that - silly conversations, excessive laughter and lots of "do you remember when". An all 'round perfect way to pass the time if you ask me lol