It was a struggle to get out of bed this morning. I nearly didn't, but I'm glad that I did.

My inspiration has come from two places today. First, my darling Miss F. She came into my room, all dressed up and ready for a party, took my hand and pulled. She said five words that completely changed the direction of my day.

"Come on mum! Let's dance!"

So we went outside and we danced.

My second source of inspiration came from above. Quite literally.
As I went to get a book off the shelf, another book slid out beside it. This other book (
A common prayer, by Michael Leunig) toppled off the shelf, thwacked me on the head, then fell to the floor, where it lay open at this page:

Dear God,

Give comfort and peace to those who are separated from loved ones. May the ache in their hearts be the strengthening of their hearts.
May their longing bring resolve to their lives, conviction and purity to their love. Teach them to embrace their sadness lest it turn into despair. Transform their yearning into wisdom. Let their hearts grow fonder.



debby said...

I'm glad that God rapped you on the head...sometimes He has to get our attention before He can help.

baby~amore' said...

The most amazing things happen when we least expect it ...hope your head is okay and that your heart is strengthened.
The Kewl girls rawk !
Sadness is still hard to embrace some days - go easy on yourself.

alice said...

Sometimes it takes a blow to the head to make things right. I hope the words eased your heart and some ice eased your head!


Megan from Imaginif said...

Divine inspiration hey....I think that Miss F, Mr M, Michael Leunig and God(ess) have all ganged up against you. Should have kicked your butt though rather than smack you in the head. Unless, it is a metaphor for some head learning that needs to be done.

Glad you danced yourself back to loving. Did you have party cake for breakfast? Cake for breakfast is just soooooo right.

We visited your new unit this morning and we talked about furnishings for the kewl first ladies. We are getting excited and can't wait to see you all.


Alison said...

Deb - The book certainly got my attention. lol

Trish - Sadness is hard to embrace sometimes. Sometimes it's harder not too. Sometimes I think I think too much. lol

Alice - It wasn't a heavy book. The words were great, but the dancing was spectacular :) (love the foot free mouth, too!)

Megan - Miss F kicked my butt while we danced. She is good at that.
No cake for breakfast - We had chocolate coated blueberries for lunch though.
Can't wait 'till our Cairns trip! Miss J would like me to tell you that pink is a very very pretty colour that she likes very much.

Mountaingirl said...

What a wonderful magic moment for the day and the week :-) You and the girls have the most amazingly special moments that you seem to capture and celebrate and then share with the rest of us.

jeanie said...

Ah - so I need taller bookshelves!

So wonderful that Miss F gave you such a morning sparklie.

Alison said...

Mountaingirl - celebrating moments is one of our specialities :-)
Sharing them means a bigger celebration!

Jeanie - Depends, do you need a thwack on the head? I don't think so.