Mothers Day is Everyday

Here in the kewl house we don't really celebrate Mothers Day. It's just not something that 'clicks' with me, so I choose not to make a big deal out of it.

This afternoon we stopped at the shops on the way home and the attendant asked the girls if they had a nice mothers day yesterday.
Miss J asked, "What's that?"
The (slightly baffled) attendant explained that, "Mothers day is a day when you give your mum lots of cuddles and do special things to tell her you love her."

Miss J replied, "Oh, we do that everyday!"

So true. And so kewl.

Wishing all you mums out there happy everydays.


Melody said...

Yes, most days around here is Mother's Day.

Your daughters are just way too kewl for words.

Even though you don't celebrate, I do hope you had a nice day...

Megan from Imaginif said...

lol...I want to live in your house so that I can have Mother's day everyday too.

Of all the Mother's Day treats I got, I liked having dinner cooked the best...I want that every night.

Is looking like you'll get a big b'room and bathroom when you come up to play with us. It is going to be vacant so no need for upmarket camping now.

Alison said...

Thanks Melody, and welcome back :)

Nothing like having dinner cooked for you, hey Megan? What a shame 3 is too young to use the stove..
Vacant bedroom sounds super lush and kewl. We like camping too though, just in case.

baby~amore' said...

how precious out of the mouths of beautiful kewl girls &hearts them

Lin said...

Yep, I get that most days too. Mother's day for me is more about not having to do any (or as little as possible) of the practical tasks that motherhood brings for one day a year. Doesn't really work as a sole parent with a 3yo, it usually just results in a very messy and dirty house on Monday.