No frills breakfast

Miss F has taken fussy eating to a whole new level today. When I presented her with her breakfast - her gluten free, lactose free, nut free, vegetarian, nutritious and very tasty breakfast, no less - she pushed it away, stuck her nose in the air and said, "Mum, I couldn't possibly eat this."

When I asked her why not, she replied, "It's just not pretty enough."

Shared learning - Best of

Miss V, "What are those birds doing?"
Miss J, "They're mating."
Miss V, "Are they friends?"
Miss J, "No they are having sex. Animal sex is called mating."
Miss V, "Do people have mating?"
Miss J, "No V, people have sex. Animals mate."
Miss V, "But why is it called different?"
Miss J, "Ummmm......................... Because people are sexier than animals."
Miss V, "Ohhhhhhh."

Life's Funny Like That!




Bestest party vibes from me and the Kewl girls to Deb... Who's going a final round with chemo on Thursday, and boy does she kick some serious chemo butt!!!

Deb, I don't know if you remember back when you first posted a picture of yourself on your blog... After seeing it Miss F decided she would call you the "pretty garden lady". I had forgotten about it myself until today, when I was explaining this post to Miss F and telling her how you are a warrior woman, and she replied, "Oh! I remember! The pretty garden lady warrior!"

And... I know I've missed some big chunks in your butt kicking journey, but Deb, my butt kicking boots have been with you the whole time.

Way to kick butt, woman.