Miss Two

Today's celebrations kicked off with presents in bed at 4:30am.
Pip and Ray are out in force.
We ate cake for breakfast.
We ate cake for lunch.
We wore cake for dinner.

Oh yes, she may be only two, my girl, but she can hold her own in a food fight.
Especially her food fight, in honour of her birthday.

More celebrations still to come... Including one mighty impressive Polar Present.
It is the very essence of kewl.

Stay tuned!


jeanie said...

Wow - pip ray pip ray pip ray!!!!

I can't believe it has been that long.

baby~amore' said...

Happy birthday Miss V - I hope you had a very special birthday.
happy birthing day Alison .
Pip ray x 3 !!!

Mountaingirl said...

Oh can I order a food fight for my birthday - but without the inevitable thought about wasting food and wondering who will be cleaning it up! The joy of childhood.

happy happy birthday miss v - may you have a birthday food fight every year lol

Melody said...

Your baby is growing up... Happy Birthday to Miss V.

Megan said...

Cake for breakfast - oh yes please. A Polar kewl surprise hey????????? Are you going to make her sleep without blankets tonight?!
I love surprises and have to guess: are you all off the sea world on the Gold Coast perhaps?

Alison said...

Jeanie - Nor can I. In fact, I keep trying to deny it, but Miss V is on to me.

Thanks Trish!

Mountaingirl - I hope you don't mind if I don't pass on your 'food fight every year' birthday wish to Miss V! lol

Melody - Yep. Growing up. So she keeps telling me. lol

Megan - She is sleeping with her new polar bear blanket tonight!
Good guess, but no, we are not off to sea world.

PreSchool Mama said...

Delish start to the day! Please turn the food fight into a birthday tradition for her!

I think I am more excited than her to see what the Polar Present is...Very intriguing. Please don't make us... er...I mean Miss V... waiting in breathless suspense...