The Polar Present Surprise!

Budding photographer, Miss F, was in charge of photo-documenting the kewl Polar Present yesterday. Consequently there are a LOT of photos. And I do mean a lot. This is a link to a slide show featuring 36 of her best shots. This is the very, very, short list, down from 280 something.

Because you do not have the parental obligation to be interested in every single one of them, here are a few of my favourites (just please don't tell Miss F)...

Birds eye view (AKA A great excuse for Miss F to stand on a chair):
Side view (image 1 of 100):
It's melting! Sort of!
Hellooo out there...
Side view again (image 34 of 100):'See' shells:The last one before bed:The last last one before bed:
And of course, the morning after:


debby said...

What a clever idea! I'll bet Miss V was the first one out of bed in the morning!

baby~amore' said...

exceptional idea - we have an octopus massager - well in two pieces now the little brothers got to it LOL.

I take a lot of photos too and lucky to get a select few that are okay. ;)

Congrates to Miss F she has a budding photography talent there.

Melody said...

What a great idea. I'm sure it was a hit. Well done.

Megan from Imaginif said...

Alison it really is a terrific idea. Ms F, you the photo queen.

Two million years ago when I was young, and nice, and patient, and a wonderful mother, I used to put ice cubes in a bucket of water and play relay games with the kids. They had to pick up the ice cubes between their toes, put them on a saucer beside the bucket and run, run, run, way up around the mango tree and back again to get the next ice cube.

The kids loved it, the ducks loved it and I loved the kids slept really well that night.

You will get to meet Jade and Rhys when you are up and they can lament to you about my abusive parenting practices of doing novel and educational activities that did not include having Brand names plastered all over my children.

By the time the next two were born....lordy, lordy, I just wanted their nanny to spend the time I did ensuring Jade and Rhys knew how to creatively play.

Nowadays I'm too tired to even put an ice cube in my fresh juice so I'm really looking forward to hanging with the ice kewl kwad.

That's the best darn ice cake I've even seen. You girls ice rock!

PreSchool Mama said...

That's the cutest idea!

Mountaingirl said...

That is one of the best ideas I have seen in forever! And as I have two little twins as friends who have a birthday in December, it could well be perfect for them too.

Great photos Miss F :-)