Email? You?

So I finally sat down to do some work and Miss V came in to 'help'. The computer makes a kewl duck noise when I get a new email and one came through while she was sitting with me. We then had the following conversation...

V: What's that?
Me: A duck. He's telling me I have a new email.
V: Email?
Me: Yep.
V: You?
Me: Yes. I have a new email from M (her god parent)
V: M? Email you?
Me: Yes! M emailed me. Lots of people email each other.
V: Yeah but not YOU mum.


Addiction Status

After having spent most of today flicking between Guess the Google - computer screen bubble wrap and Boomshine ... I have successfully avoided all of the procrastination inducing 'stuff' I'm supposed to be doing, and rendered myself suitably brain frozen. I couldn't concentrate on work now, even if I wanted to! So in an attempt to kick start the sentence writing (and further delay the inevitable) I've started a blog .. And officially added it to my Top 5 Time Wasters list.
Now I just have to wait for one of the girls to do something amusing. Better not start working yet unless I miss it..