Leaps and bounds

At 2 years old, Miss V has already mastered the alphabet song!!
Actually, better make that the "A B C" song...

A, B, A, B, A, B, C.
A, B, A, B, abby, abby, C.
A, B, C.
A, B, C.
A, B, C, B, A, B, C.
A, B, C, B, A, B, C.... Now I no more A B C!



Mountaingirl said...

Now that is one of those gorgeous childhood moments that you can treasure ... and bring out at her 21st lol!

Lin said...

That works for me! lol

Alison said...

Mountaingirl - I'm still in denial about her approaching 2nd birthday, let alone her 21st! lol.

Lin - Me too! Is there a more perfect ending for such a repetitive song?!

Abbey said...

I love her Abby Abby C ... a girl after my own heart..x

PreSchool Mama said...

Too funny! Pip and Ray never fail to crack me up. Come to think of it, her version is actually more fun!