Childhood Hero Day

Friday June 13th is Childhood Hero Day - Have you got your capes yet?

Childhood Hero day is more than the perfect excuse to dress up though - It is an opportunity to raise money for the Australian Childhood Foundation so that they can keep supporting kids who have been abused and their families, too.

Even better than this - It is an opportunity to raise awareness! An opportunity to speak up and promote a zero tolerance attitude towards child abuse in your community.

Possibly the best part about Childhood Hero Day, is the opportunity we all have to celebrate being hero's and to flex our superhero muscles - Listening, believing, caring and taking action to protect our kids.

So how are you going to celebrate your superhero powers and show off a bit of muscle?

Megan over at Imaginif is flying high with her cape, her awesome child protection blog and the other superhero's at Imaginif. As well as a corporate donation, Megan is donating $1 for every blog post in support of Childhood Hero day. How kewl is that?! (*hint hint*)

Over on this side of the screen the kewl girls and I will be flying around our community hall, sprinkling superhero dust over as many people as we can, playing superhero games, eating superhero food (cake, of course), having oodles of fun and raising lots of money for the Australian Childhood Foundation in the process.
(AND I'm going to wear my undies on the outside - Because I can, and because Miss F is still too young to refuse to be seen in public with me.)

As always, here on the kewl blog we will be celebrating the moments.
Lots of the things I blog about are moments where my children are little hero's... Moments when they are being their most inspired, humorous, ridiculous, outrageous, wise, intuitive, blatantly obvious and innocent little selves.
The kewl girls regularly flip the parent / child roles upside down and I have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for my three amazing young teachers.

These moments, though, are just that - momentary.

While I will always celebrate the lessons I learn and the wisdom of my children - I will never forget that being the hero is my responsibility, always.

On June 13th I am celebrating my own wisdom, the wisdom of other superhero's and the collective power we have to kick monster butt and make child safety everyone's priority.

What are you celebrating?


Megan with the underwear on the outside said...

Ohhhhhh.....I love it when the super heroes link arms and join powers.

Congratulations to the Kewl Heroines and their hero dust sprinkling "no crime" wave.

Yip Yah...lets get dem ponies hotted up and draw our pencils to (w)right the wrongs done against kids.

Imaginif the kewl krew rode into your town with our bras and knickers in a twist! at Ms F not running away yet. It WILL happen. Every time Boy sees me in a state of undress he screws up his face and says, "Ugh - I thought you were working against child abuse".

Show the girls this pic of me with my underwear on the outside:

baby~amore' said...

great post Alison - I want to buy some capes for the my super Tool boys !
I went to by online but $15 minimum not sure if you buy them anywhere else- otherwiseI will get a spare cape.

LOL at Megan's comments - same here too with my teen man.

Alison said...

Megan, that is the KEWLEST picture ever!!!
Miss V hasn't quite grasped the concept of wearing ones underwear on the outside. She keeps looking at the picture and asking, "But why mum? Why do they?"
Boy - you are hilarious!!! I am still laughing at your awesome one liner.
We are going to make some of the capes into saddle blankets or vests or sashes for the animals (so they don't eat them!). Mum might even be convinced to ride her horse around town, standing upon his back.. If the price is right ;)

Trish - I think a childhood hero badge would be a stunning cape accessory!
I can just imagine the tool boys scaling fences and cot sides in a single giggle.