I was kewl, once...

We had fried rice for dinner tonight and in the spirit of Bob Marley rewrites, I thought we could have a little fun with our meal. I bopped over to the table singing, "Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your rice! Get up! Stand up! Rice is really nice!"

I was greeted not by smiling, laughing, standing children - But by three blank stares.

I could have just sat down and pretended like nothing happened - But oh no - I had to go another round.
"Come on girls, sing with me! ... Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rice!"

Three blank stares.

Then Miss V rolled her eyes at me.

Then Miss J said, "That's not how it goes, mum."

Then Miss F said, "Ye-ah.. And you're not a'sposed to stand up when you're eating."

Yeah - Duh, mum!


Me & Boo said...

lol Nice try kewl mum! Another point to the Kewl Girls!

debby said...

Your girls would certainly understand standing up for their rights.

Megan said...

Oh dear...tell the girls I'll be cooking "flied lice" for our first together meal and that they have to laugh at my jokes because nobody else in my house does :(

I've always maintained A, that it is necessary to be slightly weirder than your kids because then they cannot do anything so rebellious as to cause parental upset! Worked for me - Jade and Rhys are both wonderful, albeit conventional and suffering from afflenza, and tell me things that they possibly wouldn't tell a highly traditional parent.

Lin said...

lol My mum always used to tell us: "Just act normally, that's weird enough." Sounds like a phrase your girls would like to use on you.

tiff said...

He he he. had a good laugh over that one.

Alison said...

Lani - LOL! Not that I'm keeping score... ;)

Deb - Or sitting down to make their point. hehehe

Megan - The girls already think you are kewl personified. They will laugh at your jokes, I am sure. If not - I will!

I like your weird theory. I think I may just adopt that. I can't wait to met Jade and Rhys (and Master 12, too!) and get all the goss from them.

Lin - LOL! Yes, that sounds a LOT like something the girls would enjoy saying to me!!

Tiff - I'm glad someone was entertained!

baby~amore' said...

LOL kids don't appreciate spontaneous talent.

Anonymous said...

Those girls would be so bored if you were conventional. So would I, for that matter.
But honestly... "stand up for your rice" ??
What were you thinking?!

Alison said...

Trish - True. Bit of an unfair double standard I think!

Sammi - Conventional would bore me, too.
And I was thinking we would have FUN!
Yeah OK... it was pretty lame, huh?