Inside day #4

Yes, I'm posting about the weather.
That is how nutty I go when we have to stay inside all day.

It has been raining here since Friday, and today it is pouring. The road out of town is flooded, as is our drive way and most of the back paddocks. This means the horses have to share a room, and they are not impressed.
It also means we have to stay inside and share our toys.
We are not impressed either.

But as always, the kewl girls are reminding me to change my perspective and make the most of things.

This morning Miss J helped Miss V gather up all the dishes they could find- cups, plates, bowls, cutlery- and put them outside in the rain. Miss J was very please with herself when she told me I wouldn't have to do any washing up today, and Miss V was grinning from ear to ear when she informed me the dishes were: "Cleaning their selves now!".

Then Miss F went outside to check on the bucket we placed in the rain, to see how quickly it would fill up. She called to me, "Look Al! It's raining sideways!"
This was shortly followed by, "Quick! Get the camera!"
Then from mum, "How else could you ask for something?"
Miss F, "Get the camera now!"
Mum, "Or how could you ask so that I might like to do that for you?"
Miss F, "Oh - Quickly get the camera now - please mummy, I love you?"

The down pipe (guessing on the terminology here) has a hole near the bottom so that it doesn't explode when we get heavy rain, and this makes it rain sideways when there is enough water pressure. It looks very kewl - Or in the eyes of Miss F- Very photo worthy.

She was getting awfully close to this 'sidepour' of rain in order to best capture the moment, and I admit, I was more concerned for the dryness of my camera than for the dryness of my daughter.
I asked her, "Is there any water getting on the camera, darling 'I love you' Miss F?"
She said, "Of course not mum."
"There is rain getting on the camera."

Lunchtime on Inside day #4:
Kewl girls = 53
Mum = 0

Not that I'm counting...


Pencil Writer said...

Oh the joy and the absolute logic of children! I know those kinds of rainy days. I actually love rainy days--when they don't exceed limits--like too much water coming down=water in my downstairs, or too much lightening with the downpouring water = no electricity.

But rain is pretty cool. :-} (Pun there, eh?)

Megan from Imaginif said...

lol...protect the camera (I know how much they cost).

If you put some food colouring in a bucket and put that out in the rain it makes beautiful coloured spits as it fills and splashes. But, little girls have to stand inside and watch it because the food colouring will spit at their clothes and maybe ruin the beautifullness of their clothing colours.

debby said...

Good day to read, or to bake. Maybe the kewl girls would want to invite the horses in for a play date.

Wait. Don't tell them I said this...

jeanie said...

Sunnier here today, so hope you are getting some of the sunshine too!

Great shot - and I can understand about the camera v the girl getting wet - technology is not so forgiving!

Alison said...

PW - LOL! Thanks for making me laugh.

Megan - I love the idea of colourful splashes. Almost enough to overlook my fear of food colouring. LOL

Deb - We will read about horses and have a play date with gingerbread people, instead!

Jeanie - Sun is still playing hide and seek behind the clouds, but the rain is at least staying hidden.
I think the camera has forgiven me, phew!

baby~amore' said...

I love the kewl girls stories.
Very kewt about the dishes!

I would protect the camera first too.

It has been raining here today too ... so not Happy little tool boys who want to play in the rain.