Miss J:
Mummy? Why does the fridge light up but not the freezer?

Mummy? Why is the sun round? Why can't it be square instead?

Mummy? Why is the bubble bath stuff blue but the bubbles aren't?

Miss F:
Mummy? Why does that lady have a beard? Is she Santa Clause?

Mummy? Why does that man have breasts? Is he feeding a baby?

Mummy? Why do we have bones if they break?

Miss V:
Mummy? Why can't I have smarshmallows for breakfast?

Mummy? Why can't I have a penis?

Mummy? Why do clouds fly?

Mummy? Why did daddy die?

Mummy? Why doesn't he come back yet?

But mummy, why?


Me & Boo said...

Oh Al, I started reading with a smile, and then I got to the last few and my heart ached for you and the kewl girls. Big Hugs to all of you

katef - www.picklebums.com said...

Why do kids ask such difficult questions???

Lin said...

Ditto what Me & Boo said.

I also thought: "Why, why, why? Because I am shy." Which is a quote from a children's book that was very popular here for a while.

I still often use the "Why do you think?" reply if the why questions get too complicated or just too much. At least it gives you some idea of the answer they would like to hear and then you can go from there.

debby said...

Oh, the questions! I remember the questions. But the hardest questions to answer are the questions they have about things that you question in your own heart. I wish that I could bundle up a bunch of answers to help. But I can't. I've got some of the same questions myself.

Melody said...

Why? It is the most used word in our household too... Some questions are so hard to answer aren't they? I am sure you answered all with very kewl answers.

PlanningQueen said...

So sorry that your reality means that you have to answer questions like that.

Alison said...

Lani - It's the ones without warning that get me! Thanks for the hugs :)

Kate - Good question! They difficult questions are often ones I want answers for, too.

Lin - "Why do you think?" is one of my favourite replies, especially for the repetitive questions.
I do find it hard sometimes when the answer they'd like to hear is an answer I can't give, though. Smarshmellows are definitely not a breakfast food!

Debby - Yep, they are the hardest questions alright. I guess the lesson could be that we don't always have the answers - but that doesn't really satisfy either of us. lol

Melody - My answers were at least kewler than "because why is a crooked letter" - I used to hate getting told that as a kid!

PQ - Thanks :) It's OK though, because my reality also includes 3 amazing children to ask the questions.

baby~amore' said...

LOl - the why's will never stop ... the teen man is still why ???
and I think I heard J say it this morning

tiff said...

The questions just get harder.
Trust me.

Alison said...

Trish - Why? is still MY favourite question! lol

Tiff - It's not that I mind hard questions. I really love that daddy kewl is still a big part of our family. It just gets me sometimes when the context is so.. 'normal'.
I guess these questions will eventually make us all stronger, hey?