The girls were playing in the lounge while I was burning food in the kitchen this morning. All of a sudden Miss J screamed: "OWWWWW!!! MUUUUUUM!!!!!!"

I raced into the lounge where Miss J sat cradling her arm. She presented her wound to me, and upon very close inspection a small red line was just visible.

Me: "What happened?"

Miss J: "V scratched me with her claws!"

Me: "Miss V scratched you with her nails?"

Miss J: "No, her CLAWS, mum! She scratched me with her claws! Owwwwwww..."

Me: "Did you mean to scratch her arm, Miss V? (She didn't, and she apologised) Do you need a band aid Miss J?"

Miss J: "YES PLEASE I do. I do need a band aid very very very much, to stop my arm from coming all the way apart!"


"And it's NOT FUNNY mum!"


debby said...

Bandaids fix EVERYTHING!

jeanie said...

lol - I hate to disagree with Ms J - but it is quite funny!!! Must have caused a run in her upholstery!

katef - said...

he he he she sounds just like my girls....
'mum I neeeeed a bandaid'
'why?' (I can't even see a mark let alone blood)
'I am bleeding to death!'

Megan from Imaginif said...

But Jeanie, Kate and Al...everyone knows that your gizzards can fall out if you don't bandaid up holes in arms and legs.

I once entered my mother's kitchen with duct tape over my mouth. Apparently there was a work man fixing a heater and he was worried my gizzards would fall out my mouth! (is it any wonder I grew up to be

Melody said...

Little girls and their bandaids. Apparently they stop all pain from invisible tiny scratches.

Alison said...

Deb - They are especially good at fixing things that aren't broken! lol

Jeanie - It was her sisters 'claws' that set me off!

Kate - Your girls sound fabulously dramatic!

Megan - I am so looking forward to the mischief you and the kewl girls will get up to on our Cairns visit. Remind me to pack extra band aids! LOL @ you becoming a feminist and I am glad that there is no trace of duct tape left covering your mouth today.

Melody - Very true. I'm sure removing them hurts more than the scratch.

Mountaingirl said...

She's right of course "it's not funny mum!" but that doesn't mean it isn't funny for the rest of us that have been their - as either party :-)

baby~amore' said...

The funny things say and do ... I won't be letting my boys discover bandaids ...Mummy's kisses will have to do.

tiff said...

Oh that's cute, that's very cute.

Alison said...

Mountain Girl - I'm glad someone is allowed to laugh!

Trish - You are a very smart woman. Mummy's kisses are far more economical than band aids!

Tiff - Thanks! I think Miss V's claws are rather adorable, too. lol.