Six Question Meme

Melody from biglittlesister has tagged me for a Meme...
I have to:
  • Answer 6 questions about myself
  • At the end of the post, tag 6 people and post their names
  • Go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read my blog
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So here goes!

Places I have Lived
St. Kilda, Victoria
Kensington, NSW
New Farm, QLD
By the beach, QLD
Our current home in the bush, QLD
I've also spent time touring with different performance troupes and travelling along Australia's East Coast with M, living out of our combi and doing the "festival crawl".

What I Was Doing 10 Years Ago

I was touring with a circus troupe for all of 1998. In June I think we were somewhere in NSW.

Five things on my to do list today

Write a to do list... lol
Five things on my mental to do list were/are:
1. Put blankets in the bottom of the big "doof doof" drum for the kids music group so that it's not so loud.
2. Remember to hook the trailer up to the car before leaving home so that we can take 50 plastic chairs from the community hall to the school for their open day tomorrow.
3. Stop at the shops to get corn chips (to make nachos for dinner) and epsom salts (for a bath to help my aching muscles after lifting 50 stupid plastic chairs!).
4. Brave the scrub behind our house and go searching for the riding boot that Miss J threw for the dog to fetch (unfortunately the dog is not that silly so now mum has to fetch instead. Woof woof).
5. Replant the strawberries that Miss V helpfully "weeded" yesterday.

Snacks I enjoy
Chocolate coated blueberries
Chocolate coated sultanas
Fruit salad
Cherry tomatoes and snow peas from the veggie garden

What I would Do if I was a Billionaire

Make music, dance, art, drama, sexuality education and inclusive programs for people of all abilities compulsory for every teacher and every student in all schools.
Redesign every building in Australia to make it accessible to everyone. That includes people with a communication disability, people who have vision or hearing impairment, anyone who needs information presented in a different (and more effective!) way, people who use a wheel chair... Everyone. Then I'd build a centre that was inaccessible to "able bodied" people - a place where walking is a disability, where what you see is not what you get and where the native language is Auslan - so people might really start to understand that "disability" has little to do with the person and lots to do with the society.

Six People I Would Like To Know More About
(Feel free to pass or if you've already been tagged, my apologies!)
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And the wonderful Preschool Mama


PreSchool Mama said...

Damn! I wish i was touring with a circus troupe back in '98. It's going to be hard to come up with something more impressive than that. LOL!

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

OK - I am going to be utterly shallow and boring compared to this... geez Al. Give me a couple of days to gather myself!!!
PS Thanks for the 'fabulous' bit. I looked over my shoulder to see who you were talking to!!!

Pencil Writer said...

WOW! What an interesting life! No wonder you and the girls are so KEWL!

Melody said...

Gee, you'd make a great Billionaire!!

Great answers...

Alison said...

Preschool Mama - All difference is interesting and impressive!

Same to you fabulous BB - I'm looking forward to hearing what you were getting up to 10 years ago.

PW - The girls are indeed very kewl. I am sometimes better know as the circus freak though. lol!

Melody - Thanks :) I enjoyed your post too - must be because we are both kewl ex St. Kilda people.

Me & Boo said...

Meme challenge completed!

baby~amore' said...

what a colourful life you have lived - mine is boring.

I still haven't finished mine -Kate tagged me weeks ago.