Bye bye, puppy dog

The girls and I took the dogs to the beach today and we made friends with another family who were out flying a kite. Their kids wanted to play with our dogs, and the girls wanted to play with their kite, so it was a perfect match!
After a while the kids decided to ditch us adults and make up their own games.
Miss J played leap frog with her new friend, Miss 6, and Miss F, Miss V and their new friend Mr 2 played puppy dogs.

When it was time to go our separate ways, Mr 2 tried to give Miss V a hug. Miss V put her hand up, meaning 'stop', and said "No thanks!".

Woohoo! Go Miss V! And Woohoo! A teachable moment!

I explained that hugs were for our family and for friends that we've met lots and lots of times before. Then I asked the girls what a good way of saying goodbye to a new friend was.

Miss V waved.

Miss J waved.

Miss F said, "Sniff their bum!"

Mum - 0
Puppy dog - 1


Me & Boo said...

I can just picture Miss V when she's a much bigger kewl girl putting her hand up and telling some boy "No Thanks" as he swoops in for a kiss/hug! That Miss F certainly has a thing for bums :)

Megan said...

lol and did you laugh too?

I went to a business meeting yesterday and the facilitator described another meeting we were going to as "a bottom sniffing exercise."

I must admit that it took me back a little and it took me a moment to digest what had just been said.

Despite my shock....dogs sniffing are a perfect way to explain protective behaviours (in both personal and business safety) and early warning signs - the dogs are checking each other out.

Bye girls [Megan leaves the room waving both hands and her nose in the air away from anybody's bottom]. You'll be in Cairns soon. Mxx

tiff said...

Bwa hahahhahahahahaha!!!

I just choked on a Lindt ball!
Too funny and too cute.

katef - www, said...

ha ha ha he he he I love it!
I wonder if my MIL would accept a bum sniff when my girls refuse to give her a hug and she rudey pushes herself on them??

Mountaingirl said...

Oh I love the attitude :-) You must be bursting with pride Alison (and having a good laugh too I hope).

I think we all remember the old aunt or the smelly man from down the street or (insert your own descriptor here) that our parents expected us to give them a hug and a kiss every time we saw them. Blech - I certainly wouldn't do it these days!

I do have a young friend (male) who is in his teens now but I have tried be really respectful of his space ever since he was 8ish and getting to 'that stage' and let him know that he didn't have to hug or kiss and a handshake would be just fine. He just rolls his eyes and gives me a hug anyway. Here's hoping that never stops but I also know that every time I get a hug it is worth something very special because he isn't doing it because he HAS to.

Alison said...

Lani - I'm going to hold on to that picture very tightly! lol

Megan - It took me a second to process as well, then I laughed a lot!
I LOVE that meeting description, too. Hope the exercise wasn't too stinky.

Tiff - Not the chocolate!! It was very funny though lol

Kate - That is very rude of your MIL! Your girls could try out Miss V's "Stop" hand if they like :)

Mountaingirl - I certainly was! Both proud and amused..
What a beautiful relationship you described with your young friend! You both sound exceptionally kewl :)

baby~amore' said...

That sounds like something very important to teach our children -that random strangers are not for kissing and not to sniff their 'bum ' either

I digress ...sniffing bottoms is something the mothers of toddlers do or haven't you noticed .... hhmm that's not mine that needs changing I think it's yours !

Sueblimely said...

Miss F's comment was so unexpected at the end there that I spluttered my coffee. I suspect she will grow up to be a lateral thinker. Just priceless. How I wish that I had written down some of the comments my own kids made when young, as memory fades with time.

It is great that your kids are internalizing what you are teaching them.

Alison said...

LOL Trish! I'd forgotten about that particular bottom sniffing! The kewl girls are big girls now and use the toilet like big people.

Sue - Hi there :) Miss F is good at inducing coffee spluttering! I love that this blog is a record of the girls' moments - it amazes me how much detail I can forget, even in a few months! I sometimes read an older post and crack up all over again at something that had slipped my mind (oh yeah, totally self indulgent!)
It is a wonderful feeling knowing that the girls are taking in and putting into practice the skills and knowledge that I value so much.
Thanks for dropping in :)