I have discovered the wonders of Google Analytics.
In particular, the "keyword" searches.
Oh yes. It is wondrous... Some of them really, really have me wondering...

My favourites thus far:

"No one helped me when I fractured my foot"... Sorry love - I would have helped you.

"Eating pimples" and "Eating pus" ... Miss F had serious attacks of the giggles when these ones popped up. (Remember the shopping queue?)

"Can you put a hot water bottle in the microwave" ... I don't know, so chances are you won't find your answer here.

"Love making with a hot water bottle"... Oh dear. Oh. Dear.

In all seriousness though, there was one search term that I am very excited about finding on the list. On the TOP of the list, no less.

The number 1 keyword search, clocking in at a massive (for me, anyway!) 52 visitors in just a few weeks and with an average time on site of 33 minutes:

"No Go Tell for kids"

HOORAY!! You, my searching friends, are very, VERY kewl!!!!!!!

Thank you for making time for child protection! All 52 of you have filled me with a renewed sense of hope for a safer world for our kids.

Megan from Imaginif
is another seriously kewl chick and her blog is ALL about child protection.
When I first joined the blogging world and found Imaginif I felt immediately at home, even if I didn't quite understand Megan's passion for blogging to bring about social change.

Well, today I get it. And I like it!

To the searches who stumbled across this blog by accident - whether you have fractured bones, or you eat pus, or you have a very close relationship with your hot water bottle - Welcome! The more the merrier!

But be warned - You will not get away with trying anything dodgy around here! Us 'No Go Tellers' are a force to be reckoned with, and we outnumber you, 52:1.


Stephanie said...

My three year old is wondering what I'm cracking up about... that's hilaious!! I'm off to go check my own keyword searches!

Megan from Imaginif said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is very exciting A. Fifty two people, at least, give a damn about keeping their kids safe. Excellent stuff.
I reckon those that hurt kids should eat a bowl of pus!

No.....Go......TELL (I used that on my recent trip up the Cape to by the way).

Congratulations kewl one.

M+B said...

Thats fantastic! Not only are you keeping the kewl girls safe and educated, you have now educated another another 52 families :-)