Eau De Vomit

It's my new scent.
  • 1 part Miss V
  • 1 part Miss J
  • 1 part Miss F
  • 3 parts gastro
Hoping to tip the last bucket full down the drain very soon.
Until then, we will be keeping our distance!


Debby said...

Oh no! When you spoke of gastro, I assumed that you were referring to yourself. All three of them....oh my poor dear!

Aunty Megan said...

Oh no! A, wouldn't it just give you the shits!!!! What can I do to help?

tiff said...

Thinking of you and hoping the dreaded bug leaves soon.

jeanie said...

Oh dear - don't breathe!

Anonymous said...

oh gerk. You have my sympathies. Breathe Vicks, it helps with the smell!

Pencil Writer said...

Eeeeewwww! Bless you all! Hope ya'll are done with that yucky stuff. SOON!

M+B said...

Hoping you're all well and kewl again now!

Alison said...

Thanks ladies. The girls are all back to their kewl selves and I am now longer bathed in eau de vomit.
With any luck I may even be caught up with the washing by the end of the year!