Three year old sympathy

Miss F: "Look mum! Now my foot is like yours!"

Er.. Anyone know how to gently remove nail polish from feet?

(P.S. Sorry about the crappy photo - It's from the camera phone!)


Debby said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. My vote would let her be just like mom until te nail polish is wears off, and she's not, anymore.

M+B said...

Good try, Miss

Nail polish remover is apparently quite gentle on sensitive skin... or so the paediatrician tried to inform my mum over the telephone when my brother (at about 2) painted his penis with bright pink nail polish! She wasn't convinced so took him to the hospital for said polish to be removed!!!

jeanie said...

My daughter's fingernail polish experiments were limited to the ends of her fingers and toes (approximating the nails) and all over furniture and floors.

Acetone does work - as does putting fnp completely out of reach and off the radar for the next 20 years!! (okay, I didn't learn that lesson well enought to stick to it, but the threat was real!)

Megan said...

Go F....better to varnish your foot than Mum's bedspread!
While the colour is cute, it will never be as smashing as Mum's foot.
When are you gals coming to visit. Or should I come to visit you? I am actually semi planning a training down your way so can I come and stay with you all?

Anonymous said...

It washes off pretty quick, a few days of normal baths and showers, I promise. This something I am well versed in :)

katef - said...

aww what a sensitive caring little sole... I always find nail polish comes off skin easier than it does off nails or hard wood floors.

Alison said...

Debby - Your vote has been counted. Miss F is very appreciative as she is now allowed to have a pink foot until the polish wears off!

M+B - ROFL! That story cracks me up!! Wait till I tell Miss V and God Father.. LOL!

Jeanie - This WAS one of the bottles of polish that I'd hidden! Only trouble with that is I hide them and forget where I put them so the girls have to help me look.

Megan - We are already making boogie sushi and chocolate cake in anticipation of your arrival. KEWL!
And lol @ "smashing foot". Ha ha ha.

Rhubarb - Glad to know we're in good company :)

Kate - Yes, it was all 100% for my benefit, I'm sure! Good it wasn't the floors (or the dogs) though, I guess.

tiff said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Too funny, too cute.

Pencil Writer said...

I'll bet Miss F will always be compassionate and "share one's pain" if she can--to lighten the load. I love your girls. You, too! Greatness all 'round. :-}

Alison said...

Tiff - It was very funny when she came hopping into the lounge room!

PW - If nail polish is involved, Miss F is more than willing to do her share.
Thanks for your love and your lovely comments :)