Potato or Vagina?

A few days ago, Miss J, Miss F and I learnt about syllables. It wasn't a planned lesson, but when the word came up in conversation and they asked about it, it was a perfect teachable moment.

I explained the concept, then we "clapped out" their names and once they had a good understanding we moved onto fitting different words into songs.

We started with seven po-ta-toes (more!), then in our garden we grew seven tom-a-toes, seven pine-ap-ples, seven ba-na-nas, seven cu-cum-bers and seven dal-mat-ians (Whip the dalmatian was standing in the veggie patch).

Later, while all 3 kewl girls were playing with their babies, Miss J helped Miss V to count them. Upon discovering there were four babies, plus themselves makes seven, Miss J and Miss F came up with another version of the Potato Song...

"One vagina, two vagina, three vagina, four. Five vagina, six vagina, seven vagina, more!"

They spent all weekend singing it at the tops of their lungs - Including through the main street in town. Yesterday I heard no more vaginas and assumed they were past this particular craze.
I thought wrong.

Today at the park Miss V was playing with another young boy on the see-saw. He started singing, "Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, horsey..." and Miss V joined in. When they were giddy enough, the boy asked if she knew the Potato Song and he sang, "One potato, two potato, three potato, four. Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more!" Adding in the accompanying hand gestures.

Miss V replied, "It's not po-ta-to! it's va-gi-na!"
Then she sang, "One vagina, two vagina, three vagina, four. Five vagina, six vagina, seven vagina, more!" Complete with Auslan signs and a Pip! and RAY! at the end.

I don't think the boy was quite ready for a dose of Miss V's girl power...
He ran away screaming.

Miss V - kewl girl that she is - just looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said, "No more vaginas for him then."

Oh yeah! That's my girl!


Pencil Writer said...

Miss V--if nothing else, that kewl girl is practical! Do you ever manage to keep a straight face? I don't know if I could.

M+B said...
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M+B said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Those kewl girls are hilarious!!!

baby~amore' said...

LOL - that is priceless Al.

tiff said...

I love your girls.
I had a good belly laugh over that and I SO needed a belly laugh.

Bless their cotton socks.

Megan from Imaginif said...

Go V girl. V is for vagina.

I have just returned from a remote Aboriginal community where we practised saying both the vagina word and the language word for vagina.

Next time I go, I am going to sing the vagina song, with full credit to Kewl V.


Alison said...

PW - I don't think I've managed to keep a straight face yet! But then, I don't try very hard. I like laughing. I like it a LOT.

M+B - Thanks! I think Miss V and Boo would make an awesome comedy act! Miss J will have to work "trunk bottoms" into a song some time!

Trish - The look on the boy's face was priceless, too. Poor little mite. LOL

Tiff - I'm very glad you had a good laugh. The girls are often good for a belly laugh, and a belly laugh is ALWAYS good for us :)

Megan - Glad to have you back, safe and sound! Miss J thinks it is very funny that you practised saying vagina.

PlanningQueen said...

Your girls are a hoot. I love their self confidence.

Mountaingirl said...

Oh the words of wisdom from a child - you could remind her of the adult concept attached to her phrase when she is ready for another "teachable moment" in her 20s lol.

Your post bought back great memories of clapping out syllables - both learning when I was little and helping others to learn now that I am 'all grown up' - very pleasurable :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, too funny. I really love your girls - a LOT.

Alison said...

PQ - It is a great feeling seeing your kids become confident and empowered little people, isn't it?

Mountaingirl - Oh I intend to remind her of her own words many, many times!
Syllables are fun to learn, I think. Glad you have good memories of it, too.

Rhubarb - Thanks! Me too :)

Leslie said...

Oh my word! Oh my - that is so good. Love it! :)