Keep smiling

Apologies for our absence. We went to the beach to clear the cobwebs and be in our own space for a while.

There are a few things I could post about now - the YES challenge, the story of the broken camera, Miss V's renewed wish for a penis - but you know what? I'd just like to smile for a bit longer...


Debby said...

Oh, my. I thought that I'd just about figured an answer for every question a kid could ask...however I never had one of the girls wish for a penis. I'm not sure what you would say. You could only explain why it was not to be... gads! Your girls are going to keep you on your toes!

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Darlin'... your last post made me ache and smile. This one makes me want to give you a hug... here's hoping your band of grief lets up a little soon, and some of that sunshine we know is there gets to shine a little and warm your soul. Hope the beach helped a bit in that department!!

PS Miss V's wish made me giggle...

Megan from Imaginif said...

Oh oh...what happened to the camera? Who dropped it in the ocean?

Hope you didn't get sand in your foot plaster cast (or whatever they call them these days - fibro cast????????????), A.

Can you imagine Ms V how much sand up your penis might hurt? And...if you swim naked, would the fishes peck at it thinking it was some food? Oh thank you...I'm sticking with my vagina and my pants on from now on!

jeanie said...

I am staying well clear of my daughter wanting a penis. We had an interesting conversation with GDR last week where she couldn't wait until high school when she would get a boyfriend.

Currently we are planning 'Salina will continue to have nothing but disdain for them until she is - well, I think 16 or 24, V is suggesting her 30s.

I hope you find many things to smile about.

Melody said...

Smiling is the best... Good for the soul.

CHins up and all that.

M+B said...

Lovely to hear your smiling again :-) and that the beach had the desired effect on everyone.

At least Boo and Miss V are seperated by distance - put them together and imagine the penis conversation they could have lol

tiff said...

Hope you are feeling a little better Al, take care. You and those girls are so special.

Anonymous said...

You smile for as long as you want Al. Or frown. Either way, I'm still here.
Love to the little ones.
Sammi xoxo

Alison said...

Debby - She was starting to accept her lack of penis, but then we read something that has inspired her again. I will post about it soon!

BB - Oh yeah, the sun is shining! We're kewl, just soaking up the rays and conserving our energy :)

Megan - Yep, the camera met a rather watery end.
My cast is fibreglass and water proof - Hooray!!
Miss V thinks it would be fun to feed her penis to the fishes. God father is hoping she won't teach this trick to his soon to be son!

Jeanie - LOL! 16 and 24 are good numbers.

Melody - Couldn't agree more! Thanks :)

M+B - Now that is a conversation I want to hear! I wonder what the commentary would be like if they went to an aquarium to feed some fishes?

Tiff - Thanks :) Right back at you!

Sammi - Can I poke my tongue out, instead?
Little ones are poking their tongues out at you, too.