Magic Moment

Miss V was born with a phobia of phones. She got it from me and from an experience we shared when she was in my tummy.
On the night Daddy Kewl was killed, he rang me on his way home from work. He was hit by the drink driver while we were talking.
As much as I am thankful that in a way I was with him when he died, we never got to finish our conversation or say goodbye and that unfinished phone call was stuck on replay for a long time.
So, it is no wonder really that Miss V and I do not like phones!

Mostly I am okay with phones now, but Miss V is still not keen on them. In an attempt to make phones fun for her, I took the girls on a mission a few months ago. We went to the discount shop and I set down the challenge: Find as many phones as you can!

Together we scoured the store in search of our communication treasures - and we scored well! We left with a bag full of 14 new (toy) phones! When we got home we played lots of games with them. I practised juggling them, Miss J had fun throwing them into a bucket from a couple of meters away, Miss F did magic tricks with them (making them disappear by hiding them in different hand bags!) and Miss V used them to play fetch with the dogs.

Having achieved a good level of phone fun, the next step was to practise talking on them. Miss J or Miss F would make fabulous phone ringing sounds and I would answer the call and pass on messages to them. "That was your god mother. She says hello, and she is making snot pie for dinner!"

Miss J and Miss F caught onto this very quickly and became great role models. They started answering phones themselves and passing messages on to me. "That was Whip. He says hello and your shoes are smelly!"

Then there was the "Hello Song". Miss V's unicorn sings this song... Imagine the most annoying, catchy, lame tune you have ever heard. Multiply the annoying factor by 2. Now add these lyrics... "Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, how are you? Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, how are you? Thank you, thank you I am fine and I hope that you are too. Do do do do do."
To infinity.

It drives me bonkers, but Miss V loves it. So we sang it - Every time the phone rang.

For all of our phone antics, Miss V still does not want to speak to people on real phones (and that's OK. I'm sure she will warm to them when she is ready). She is starting to get used to speaking on toy phones though. After watching her sisters and I talking and laughing and passing on hello's she is now quite comfortable chatting on them herself, and although the phone may not be plugged in, she certainly has connections.

One day this week I heard Miss V talking on her phone. I didn't catch much of her conversation, but when I walked into her room she had a message for me.
She put down the phone, looked directly into my eyes and said,

"That was dad. He says goodbye."


M+B said...

Tissues, tissues... where are those god damn tissues???

I really do love your magic moments.

Big Hugs

katef said...

woah.. your posts so often manage to take my breath away....

For what it is worth I don't like phones much either (and I have no good reason, that I know of) and my girls are not super keen on talking on the real phone either... they used to be when they were little but when off it....

Megan said...

Closure for Ms V hopefully....and for you love, my hugs and my phone calls.

PS: Next I ring tell Ms V I am a Laser Tag mistress - that's not real and maybe then she'll talk to me.

PSS: Now breath. That must have been a hard one to put into writing.

tiff said...

I have chills
I feel for you and Miss V. I have phone phobia so I can relate to not loving the communicator.

I like the games though, may have to try some of them. Do you think it might help?

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I have tears again, and chills and a heart that aches. Thank you for letting me in your world, I am so glad you are in mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. That is just a wonderful moment. Thank you so much for sharing it. Just beautiful.

Warm hugs to you and your girls.

Kate said...

Sorry - the above comment was from me and I am not really anonymous!