Warrior Wednesday

Dear Zy,

This week your surrogate big sisters and I went down to the beach and got fish and chips. We went and sat on the sand dunes to eat them and almost immediately we were surrounded by sea gulls!! Often we listen to the whispering of the waves to hear the messages they bring from the ocean... But the sea gulls were shouting so loudly it was difficult to hear the whispering of our own thoughts!!
I thought they were yelling for our chips, but your big sisters knew better.

Miss V, "Mum! Listen! The sea gulls have a message from they sky!!! They are saying, 'Zy! Zy! Zy! Zy!' Listen mum!"

I listened, and the chorus of Zy's that I heard made my heart skip and dance and sing.

On the way home, all of your sisters fell asleep in the back and as we drove, the quiet hum of the car carried my thoughts away to you. Just as I was remembering the sparkle in your eyes, something in the side mirror caught my attention. A big, bright ball of sun smiled at me in the reflection. I looked at the internal rear view mirror and strangely enough, I could not see the sun that was so bright in the side mirror.
As we approached a bend in the road, I smiled and said a mental thank you to the sun for capturing my attention and warming my heart. We rounded the bend and I expected the sun to vanish out of range of the smallish side mirror.

It did not move.

Another few kilometres down the road we came to a round about. Our exit was a little over 90 degrees to the right. Surely the sun would not still be behind us, shining into my mirror and my heart...

Of course, it was.

I had just begun to think how strange it was, when I thought again of the beach and of the sea gulls' message from the sky...





My eyes filled with the smallest droplets of salt water as I took in as much of your light as I could.

"I see you, Baby Warrior. I see you."

Then in a blink, you were gone.

But I still feel your light warming my heart.

Thank you, Baby Warrior.

Love me.


Blossom said...

I am so glad Baby Zy made his presence felt.

gentle hugs

Mama Zen said...

What a lovely gift!

tiff said...

Thank you Warrior Mummy, for sharing him with us.

Alison said...

Blossom - Me too. Thanks for the hugs.

Mama Zen - I thought so.

Tiff - Absolutely my pleasure!