Miss V, "Mum?"

Me, "Yes Miss V?"

Miss V, "Didn't you know I am vegetarian?"

Me, "I do know that, Miss V. We are all vegetarian..."

Miss V, "But mum - how come you put worms in my dinner?"

Me, "I didn't!!"

Miss V, "You did.. Look.."

Me, "They are bean sprouts, Miss V! They come from a plant."

Miss V, "Mum, I am almost three now you know. You'll have to do better than that."

Me, "It's true! Bean sprouts grow from seeds!"

Miss V, "Can I just have cereal?"

Me, "You can have cereal after dinner if you're still hungry."

Miss V, "Can't I have cereal for dinner a'cause I'm not hungry?"

Me, "No, Miss V. This is your dinner. You can eat around the worms - I mean bean sprouts! You can eat around the bean sprouts if you don't want them."

Miss V, "Can I just go hungry?"

Me, "If you'd prefer to starve your body of nutrients, ok... But I'd rather you ate some stir fry."

Miss V, "I'd rather not ear worms. Thanks."


...... And so, for our next project, we will be growing bean sprouts.


Blossom said...

LOL worms!!!!!

Good luck with your next growing project.......will it include chockie??

Mama Zen said...

"You'll have to do better than that!" That's hilarious!

I once told my daughter that we were having angel hair pasta. That was a mistake.

M+B said...

*Hee hee hee* Come on Al, you can do better than that ;)

Alison said...

Blossom - I have not yet discovered the secret of how to grow chocolate. I consider that the holey grail!!!

Mama Zen - Ohhh angel hair pasta... intriguing!

Lani - Lol... yes, and I'm sure Boo can, too!!