Dear Zy,

When you were still in my tummy and you were diagnosed with Cri-du-Chat syndrome, I did a LOT of reading. I went over and over and over every piece of information I could find about this syndrome and what it might mean for your life. One of the things I read was that infants with Cri-du-Chat often have trouble feeding and gaining weight. You also had your own quirky aesophagus that wasn't formed the way the doctors said it should be, and you were going to need an operation to help it do what it should. Both of these things went around and around in my head and I worried a lot about how you were going fare.

This week, I am beginning to think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your eating ability!!!!

At the health food shop on Friday, I asked the lady for 4 muffins. I watched her put them in the bag - one, then two, then three, then four. I paid $12, for 4 muffins at $3 each. The lady handed the bag to me and I carried it flat, balancing two muffins on each hand.

When I got home I sat down with the girls to enjoy our muffins. One at a time, the girls reached into the bag and took a muffin... Miss F, then Miss J, then Miss V, then me.

There was still one left in the bag.

Me, "That's funny, I'm sure I only bought four...."
Miss V, "Because I am two, I can have two."
Me, "Nice try darling."
Miss V, "April fools!!! It's not for me. It must be for Zy!"
Miss J, "Yeah! For Zy!"
Miss F, "Don't worry! I will eat it for him!"

Baby Warrior, thank you for sharing a meal time with us and changing the thoughts in my head about you and food. I am sure it was your cheeky grin I saw flash across your surrogate sisters' faces when they offered to eat your muffin - and this is the image I will keep in my head when I think about you at meal times.

Love me.

P.S.. And don't worry.... I ate the muffin for you.


Blossom said...

how lovely...
I saw a number plate y'day that had *Zy* on it and I immediately thought of you and Zy.


Dina said...

What an adorable story.

I had to read it three times to get it. I'm slow at math today ; )

I love moments like these--when there's a little mystery that allows us to believe in magic.

And I love that you ate the muffin!!!

M+B said...


Mama Zen said...

I'm glad that you ate the muffin, too!

Alison said...

Oh Blossom - My heart skipped a beat when you said you thought of Zy and I. Thank you :-)

Dina - We absolutely believe in magic. All the time.

Lani - Right back at you :-)

Mama Zen - Lol.. I'm sure it's what Zy would have wanted!

PlanningQueen said...

I love that you make Zy a part of your everyday life. You have such a positive outlook on life.

Lin said...

What jumped out for me when I read it a second time was the April fools comment. Kids are so funny!!!

How lovely that your girls immediately think of Zy in a situation like this. He truly is and will always be part of the family. And he's shouting you sweet treats, you gotta love that!

Alison said...

PQ - Zy is absolutely part of our lives and I think it's important to recognise the moments - however small - that let us know he's around :-)

Lin - Yes, April fools has become a whole month long event!!
And yes again - Gotta love the sweet treats!!