The three kewl girls are obsessed with the colour pink. I try not to encourage this particular obsession, but that's not to say I don't use it to my advantage on occasion.

Not long after the pink obsession began, I discovered beetroot the wonder fruit and it's ability to turn food pink. After this discovery I started adding beetroot the wonder juice to everything and the girls became a whole lot less fussy about food. Pink potatoes were a particularly big hit. So much so, they became a regular feature on our dinner table.
Maybe too much of a regular feature.

We went to the girls' god parent's for dinner last night and they made 'regular' mashed potatoes. Miss F was not having it.

Miss F: "What's that?"
God Mother: "Mashed potatoes"
Miss F: "Potatoes? Are you sure?"
GM: "Yes, I'm sure."
Miss F: "What did you do to them?"
GM: "I mashed them.."
Miss F: "Potatoes?"
GM: "Yes."
Miss F: "But they're a funny colour?"
GM: "They're white..."
Miss F: "Oh. Are they sick?"
GM: "No, that's just how potatoes are."
Miss F: "White?"
GM: " Yes."
Miss F: "Oh."
Miss F: "Lying isn't a good choice, you know."
GM: "I'm not lying!"
Miss F: "Ah-huh."


Melody said...

Oh you are a clever cookie!!! Don't mind if I steal this idea from you??

Alison said...

Steal away! It's not often people want to copy anything I do in the kitchen!

debby said...

You're going to have to dance harder to stay ahead of those little gals....

jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha - that is so kewl, A!!

I used to love bread and cheese soaked in beetroot juice - I am not sure if it was the colour or the vinegar.

Our mash is orange, as I do sweet 'pud and pumpkin all in the same pot and am too lazy to draft them.

Lin said...

Hahaha! Sick potatoes...

The only thing I have ever coloured with beetroot are my hands.

Paula said...

What a wonderful idea! And how cute that your girls truly think taters are pink hehe.

Thanks for your support regarding my dog drama. I appreciate your kindness.

baby~amore' said...

Beautiful colour and great idea - LOL deceptively delicious rawks!

Now you have started something.I was reading about using natural colourings like beetroot the other day... because red colours are bad !
Very clever.

PreSchool Mama said...

This is one of the things I miss about having a little girl - this fascination with pink. There is not a shred of pink in my house!