School's in!

Yesterday I decided I wanted to do something special with the girls, to celebrate the beginning of our home learning adventure. I thought about a party, I thought about shopping for our learning area together, I thought about going away for a night somewhere, but nothing really seemed appropriate.

Driving home from Nelly's obedience class this morning I spotted a garage sale. We love garage sales, so I stopped and we got out to have a look.
That's when we saw it.
Our school bell.

Miss J said, "It's for us, isn't it mum? Isn't it waiting for us?!"
Miss V started stroking it and declared it a "Kewl bell!"
Miss F gave it a hug and said, "Don't worry, you can come live with us now."
Nelly gave it the ultimate sign of approval - She didn't pee on it.

The owner of the bell told us that she had refused to sell it to five people already this morning, because she was waiting for the right family. She asked the girls if the bell would have a good home with us. They all nodded in earnest and Miss J said, "You can come visit any time you want."

Miss F wrapped the bell in her pink jumper, so it wouldn't be scared, and Miss V made sure I put it on the front seat and buckled the seat belt, so it would be safe.

At home we polished it and chose a tree to hang it from. Miss F picked it a flower, Miss J sang it a song, and Miss V gave it the very first test ring.
It sounds magnificent!

I asked Miss V what she though about our new school bell, she said:
"No mum, it's not a school bell. It's a kewl bell."

I couldn't agree more.


baby~amore' said...

that is a priceless story - so other word for it but a kewl bell of course.

debby said...

Your school appears to be off to a kewl start.

Stephanie said...

What a perfect way to start your new journey together :)

Pencil Writer said...

Fanstastic!!! The seller of the KEWL BELL was very in tune with the Spirit. Love how all three kewl girls recognized it as "needing them" and the seller saw the same! Thanks for sharing that very KEWL experience with us!

Alison said...

Trish - It was almost as much fun to write as it was to live. Yes, naturally it had to be a kewl bell.

Debby - Here's hoping it continues this way!

Stephanie - definitely a great start, and I did say I wanted special! lol

PW - I think it was a very inspired moment. :)

Megan from Imaginif said...

Yep, that is one kewl find at the garage sale. How lovely of the lady to tell the girls that "belle" was waiting for the right family to adopt her.

I hope the girls never ring it to help wake you looks suspiciously like the one that Matron used to ring in my ear when I was at boarding was VERY loud!

The bell tolls for you A plus 3....the bell tolls. Mxx

Alison said...

Megan, 'belle' only sounds beautiful when one is already fully awake and appreciative!
Definitely not a nice way to be woken in the morning. Ick!
"The bell tolls" - how clever.

PreSchool Mama said...

Oooh, lovely bell! Definitely the kewlest!!