A Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Daddy,
Happy Birthday to you!

Pip! Ray!
Pip! Ray!
Pip! Ray!

We are celebrating M's birthday today.
We lit a candle. We made cards. We ate cake for breakfast.
Miss V would like to know when Pip and Ray are getting here.


Megan from Imaginif said...

Happy birthday darling Daddy.
How are you doing Mummy?
My thoughts are with you.

Melody said...

Oh how sweet.

My thoughts are with you on this day.

Lin said...

Hugs Al. Hope it was a lovely cebration today and that you are feeling ok.

And I also hope Pip and Ray made it in the end. Bit rude to be late for the cake! ;)

debby said...

Oh, I meant to say in the e-mail I sent that your post was so sweet and dear and made me think about what I am lucky enough to have, just as mine inspired you to have a cuddle with your girls. (I just woke up. You may not have noticed. I'm not a morning person.)

baby~amore' said...

Happy Birthday to M (for yesterday)- watching down and smiling over you all, proud of the job you are doing raising his kewl girls.

Hugs - you are in my thoughts.

Oh no Pip and Ray missed the cake - more for the kewl girls !
Very sweet memories to you.

I keep thinking of Garth Brooks the Dance.

alice said...

Wishing your family all the best for Ms birthday. Would it be innappropriate of me to say I do believe he was there, anyway. Because I think, am sure, he was.