Real Babyccino

We went to our favourite cafe this morning. It's a great coffee shop - great food, great people, great location and most importantly, great coffee. (This is fortunate, as it is the only cafe in our little town.) To say we go there often would be an understatement.

We are on first name basis with the staff there. In fact, I'd go so far as to call us friends. We were looking forward to seeing our friend Nicole at the counter this morning. We like Nicole. She talks to the girls as though they are old friends and makes them feel very grown up. She also knows our order and respects all of our annoying dietary 'issues', so I don't have to check and double check everything.
This morning though, instead of our lovely, smiling, familiar, old friend Nicole at the counter, we were greeted by a new girl.
I know. Shock horror.

Judging by the spotless new apron (and the fact that she was not there when we went for lunch yesterday...) I'd say it was her first day. She looked nice enough, though obviously she was no Nicole.
We ordered and I triple checked everything ("Gluten free bread? One milkshake but split in two glasses? Babyccion but no marshmallows? Soy milk? Definitely no ice cream?"). Then we sat down and she brought over some water. I noticed she seemed to be having a little trouble negotiating her way around the tables. The reason for this became apparent when she walked away and F exclaimed, rather loudly, "Look! That lady is walking on stilts!"
When I said that they were actually just normal shoes with a very high heel, F said, "No, they are stilts mum! She's walking all funny and I think she's going to fall off them!"

Little Miss F must have said this a little too loudly (or maybe a little too hopefully), because when all the drinks came out her babyccino was nowhere to be seen.
I checked with the new girl (again) and she said it was on it's way. As I was walking back to the table I heard her ask the chef, "What's a babyccion?". I expected her to follow this up with "April fools!". But she didn't. She was serious.

I was still recovering from shock when the new girl stilt walked her way over with Miss F's babyccion. I have to say it did look very impressive with a big frothy top and lots of chocolate sprinkles. Miss F was most pleased with herself and she looked oh so grown up as she skimmed the chocolate off the top. I was just about to join her in my own chocolate froth scooping heaven when she exclaimed, "Look mum! It's a REAL one!"

It was indeed a real one. At the bottom of her babyccion cup was a baby shot of coffee.

Just what every toddler needs.


Megan from Imaginif said...

OH NO! Were you awake for hours afterwards??????
We have just started to let master 12 drink decaf coffee. Out shopping this morn, I was disappointed that there was no chai on soy at the coffee shop so I ordered a latte on skinny and a decaf. I got a decaf latte on skinny...and poor little boy????? he drank my coffee because I could not stand the whinging!
When you've got kids - even a coffee isn't simple!!!

baby~amore' said...

Oh dear - did she finish it ? I only drink decaf too for the reason it keeps me awake.
It sounds a very friendly (child) cafe.

debby said...

Oh gees. Toddler with a caffeine buzz. There's a scary thought.

Alison said...

Hope you get your chai on soy next time, Megan! Poor little boy indeed! lol.
She didn't finish it, Trish. She tried a bit of coffee on the end of her spoon and told everyone within earshot that it tasted like vomit.
Debby - I need a decent caffeine buzz just to keep up with my children as they are. Giving them caffeine would definitely be an unfair advantage!

Kelley said...

What an idiot.

Sorry but she was.

Hope it didn't set you up for a hyped up day!