We bought new winter pj's today, and they came with fluffy socks. They are super kewl. We put them on as soon as we got home, just after lunch.
It's amazing how spending a relaxed, rainy, Sunday afternoon inside in your pj's can warp your mind.

I know some people love it. I am not one of those people.

In my 'pj before 6pm' induced haze, I decided it would be fun to test out the new kewl fluffy socks on our polished floors.

WOAH! What a slide! I flew up and down the hall, zoomed around the kitchen and slid between doorways singing - "OOWW! I feel good! Dana nana nana na... " - Really, really loudly.

That's when it happened. My mind was so warped I completely lost my already shaky grip on reality... And I taught the girls how to slide, too.

Yes, I, Alison Notso Kewl, taught three toddlers how to slide along polished floors whilst wearing slippery socks.

And now they won't stop.

And I can't make them, because I taught them.

What have I done?!


baby~amore' said...

uh oh,now you have no where to go but faster ...to catch them.
We have fake floor boards and I love to slide too and so does my eldest. We put grip socks on the boys.

debby said...

Nothing wrong with a good slide. They may take a fall but it's really no different than life...you can't stop living because you might get hurt. Let them slide.

jeanie said...

We used to love the old time dances at the local hall when we were kids, because the caretaker would get all the kids to "polish" his floors before the dance and at intermission when he put down the sawdust.

So long as you can wear the additional sock wear and occasional graze (or wcs - limb things), its a fine thing.

Lin said...


My youngest sister and I used to polish the lino in my room with furniture polish until it was slippery as ice and then "skated" through the room on our socks. It wasn't as much fun for my oldest sister if we forgot to warn her. We thought it was funny to see her land on her bum with her feet in the air, but she didn't talk to us for at least a day.

Alison said...

Trish - The girls used to wear grip socks, too, but they won't have a bar of them now. Maybe I could sew some of that non slip rubber onto their socks while they're sleeping..
Debby - It's not so much the fall I'm worried about - more the furniture. Or them sliding into one another. That could be messy.
Jeanie - Sounds like a kewl caretaker! Can't say I'm a big fan of sawdust though.
Lin - LOL! That mental image is awesome! I can so imagine the kewl girls doing something like that to me.

alice said...

Sounds like a hoot to me. What fun!

katef - www.picklebums.com said...

ha ha ha ha I love it!!!!!