The moments

This morning Miss J helped Miss V choose her clothes and get dressed.

Miss V is currently wearing pink stripy pants, yellow and green check shoes, a blue and purple flowery top and a red and yellow surf live saver's cap. The pants are too big, the top is too small, and the cap doesn't have it's original string so it is being held in place by pegs. Nine pegs, to be exact.

When Miss J presented her little sister to me this morning, I lavished praise and encouragement upon them both, took a photo, made the dogs come and sit and watch the parade, took another photo, and waited until they were playing happily outside before I collapsed into fits of laughter.

I laughed until I cried. Then the laughter faded and the tears kept coming. I realised that at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be laughing with M. I wanted to share that moment with him, because our girls are far too amazing to keep them to myself.

Then I turned on the computer and got up this blog. I scrolled through some older posts, re read the comments and smiled. I started this post and as I was writing about Miss V's outfit I began laughing again.

I realised how much I enjoy this blog - how much of a positive impact being able to talk about the kewl girls has on me - and I want to say thank you.

So for allowing me to share the girls and our moments - Thank you.


Pencil Writer said...

How cute! You were so awesome in how you made a wonderful "big deal" about the inharmoneous outfit. I, was not so KEWL to my youngest daughter when she was about four. The purple plaid pants and some kind of diametrically opposed print top were combined prior to our little outing. No, no. I wasn't kewl at all. "No, you cannot wear those things together." I was determined and she cried. I held firmly to my decree. I'll probably always feel guilty--to some degree for being so dictatiorial and so lacking in compassion.

Well, this lovely daughter managed to survive my inadequate mothering skills--and is currently our fashion guru. For some reason--and several people have commented over the year, "She's the only person I know who can carry off wearing some of the things she combines--and look so dang cute doing it!" She has style and good taste. I still don't always agree with the things she combines, but hey! She's wearing it. Not me. And she's happy. And I'm happy she's happy!

I think you're a wonderful mother, from everything I've read from you! Kudos. And doing it so well w/o their father and the man you love. That has to be tough. May God always bless you with all those blessings you stand in need of through the years!

katef - said...

You wrote that so well... I could see the awesome outfit and had a bit of a giggle myself.

Megan from Imaginif said...

Oh A + 3: I so wish I was with you today. To make cups of tea, to wipe the tears and to fashion compete with the kewl gang.

He can see the girls too Allison - the clouds were shaking this morning - it was probably him laughing at you all.

You are sharing your amazing girls Alison and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Lin said...

I want to thank you for sharing, Al. Not just for those kewl toddler moments, but also for the insight into your inner life. You are one admirable person.

I did feel a bit proud when I read that post too, because I remember I did my best to convince you to start a blog. I was just sure that you'd be really good at it. And it feels nice to be right. :)

kristen said...

What a great blog you have. Loved reading it.

Melody said...

It is good to share little moments in our young children's lives - I wish little things like this were noted down somewhere of when I was a roaming toddler.

No doubt your hubby was watching and giggling alongside you. ((HUGS))

debby said...

I enjoy reading about yours, and remembering the little folks who used to live at MY house. I love your blog and your little snippets of life.

jeanie said...

I love reading your blog also and I love that you can also get such great inner (and outer) feedback with it.