Silly mum

Miss F loves taking photos. In fact, give her a camera and she will amuse herself for up to an hour - That is how much she loves taking photos!

When she is in one of her arty photographer moods, it is best not to disturb her - She gets quite cranky when you interrupt her flow. If she could make such an offence punishable by death, I honestly think she would consider it.
I have learned the hard way that asking to look at her photos before she has finished with the camera counts as interrupting. I do like to see what she has captured though, so we came up with an acceptable alternative. When the memory card is full, we hook the camera up to the computer and go through her shots, saving to good ones and "clearing" the rest.

This morning Miss F spent an hour taking photos in town. She took so many photos that when we got home the camera was flashing "Memory Card Full", so we sat down at the computer together and started clicking through her photos. To her credit, Miss F is not afraid of good honest feedback, nor is she precious about her photos - most of them get "cleared" without so much as a second thought.

Today, after "clearing" 20 or so similar images, I started to have second thoughts. My mind went back to poor James and the forty four photos I sat through before finally realising I was looking at more than just grass. I started to think that maybe today's repetitive images also had a deeper meaning, so I asked Miss F to explain this photo to me:

She said,

"Silly mum... That's you and dad playing music in the sky."


Anonymous said...

Silly Mum. Clever Miss F.

tiff said...

God love your gorgeous cherub. She melts my heart.

Megan from Imaginif said...

Duhhhh! How come you didn't know that A! are so funny. Good for you for approaching it a different way and asking her to tell you what she saw.
She must be missing Dad and having some very deep thoughts about it all.
Love to you and the girls Alison. Mxxxx
PS: Boy was tickled pink that the girls made mention of him as their Cairns friend who plays laser tag in camo's. He has retold the story to everyone who happens within ear shot.

Alison said...

Rhubarb - I'm starting to notice a theme here... lol

Tiff - Thanks :-) Mine too.

Megan - So very duhhhh! Obviously I'm just not as smart as Miss F! She makes it seem so easy - I must ask her to explain that to me, as well.
Wish we were in Cairns now so we could have a real game of laser tag with you and Boy.

Tinoneetiger said...

Silly Mum!, this post did make me smile. I love seeing things from a childs perspective.

M+B said...

Don't you look in the mirror anymore, Al??? Can't you recognise yourself in photos??? lol

Alison said...

Tinoneetiger - Glad to be sharing the smiles :-) Thanks for saying hi!

M+B - You'd think I'd recognise a pit of M and I when I saw one, wouldn't you?! Good think I've got a 3 year old to remind me lol