Perfection Personified?

In our house, once food is served, that is it. Everyone usually gets a say in what goes on the menu, but once it hits the table - that's it. Discussion over.
Miss J is not always happy about this house rule, so this week she has came up with a way to show her displeasure and express her fussy streak, whilst still abiding by the rules.

This week Miss J has decided she will not eat any piece of fruit that has a "yuck bit" on it.
Not until I have removed the offending yucky bit, anyway.

Now, it may not seem like such a big deal - simply removing a spot from an apple or extracting a stray dog hair (opps!) from a banana every now and then - but did you know that it is possible to find up to 5 yucky bits on every single piece of fruit, if you look hard enough?
It's true. And Miss J can prove it.

All week I have spent snack times taking bites out of Miss J's food in order to remove the yucky bits and return it to an acceptable state of perfection. I realised after the second day of yuck removing duties that I may be allowing a bad habit to form - but I decided it was not a battle I was up for fighting. So I continued removing yucky bits... And boy has Miss J continued to find them!

After biting off the 6th yucky bit from a single banana today I kinda sorta lost my patience for a moment.

When Miss J held out her banana again, I said to her, "Not everything in nature is going to be absolutely perfect all the time, Miss J!"

She replied, "Why not? I am."


Anonymous said...

So - to yuk or not to yuk, that is the question...

Anonymous said...

Well darlings, like mother like daughter.
Love Sammi xo

jeanie said...

Oh, don't you hate it when the battle you decide you don't want to fight just keeps upping the ante?

Debby said...

Oh. Golly. To laugh or not to laugh. I'd say THAT was the question, Shirley.

katef said...

he he he how can you argue with that kind of logic??

tiff said...

OMG that kid is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute.

How can you argue with that?

Alison said...

Rhubarb - Well, Miss J is still against yuk. I am at least upping my fruit intake!

Sammi - I hope you're meaning the perfection, and not the weird obsession!

Jeanie - Yes. I do. lol! I rather like having a naturally perfect child, though. hehehe

Deb - My answer is most definitely in favour of laughter. Always.

Kate - Exactly! You just can't argue with perfection, either.

Tiff - Thanks, I think so lol. And I gave up arguing a long time ago. It's just easier this way.

PlanningQueen said...

Quite the master of negotiation!

M+B said...

lol - and of course you set yourself up for that one! You probably in the past have told her she is perfect just the way she is!

Megan from Imaginif said...

lol.....I love that kewl chick.

Alison said...

PQ - Yep. I am STILL removing fruity imperfections LOL. Also - CONGRATULATIONS!! Again. How exciting!!

M+B - I did. I know I did. And still, I wasn't expecting it. lol

Megan - It's 'cause you are both perfect, isn't it? ;)

Pencil Writer said...

Awe. Awe-inspiring. Kids are a joy and a wonder. How's your convalessing/foot recovery coming? I was so feeling your pain when I read about the bowling ball. Man! That had to hurt like crazy--and long--with bruises and broken bones and . . . O.U.C.H.!!!!! And double OUCH!

Alison said...

Hi there PW! Welcome back :-) I've missed your words around the bloggosphere!

Kids certainly are a joy and a wonder. Your grandkids are pretty darn wonderful, too!

Foot is healing nicely thanks, although I won't be going bowling again for a while!