Miss J's Lullaby

Miss J sometimes has trouble going to sleep. We have tried lots of different things to help her at bedtime - lately putting on some soft music has been a winner.

Tonight Miss J got up after bedtime and came to ask if she could put some music on. I said yes, as long as she put it on softly.
A little while later I crept down to her room to check on her, but when I opened the door I cracked up laughing...

Instead of Beethoven at Bedtime or Sounds from the Sea or any of the other multitude of gentle bedtime music CD's she has, tonight Miss J's chosen lullaby was The Cat Empire. Specifically, "Hello" on repeat.

Miss J was fast asleep.

Miss F, however, was now wide awake, jumping up and down on her bed and playing her teddy like a trumpet. She didn't notice me at first, but when she did, the timing of her reaction was so perfect we couldn't have done it better if we tried.

The trumpet sounded, her teddy was played, she swung around to face me and together with the Cat Empire she said,

"Hello, hello."


baby~amore' said...

sounds very cute - I had a quick peek and they sound very jazzy !
The kewl girls are so kewl.

Me & Boo said...

lol! What works for Miss J, obviously doesn't work for Miss F at bedtime, but they both show such a kewl taste in music

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Lovely story!

Thanks for visiting THE MANE POINT.

Another horse lover. ;-)

Blessings, Linda

Pencil Writer said...

Kids! You NEVER know what to expect. By watching children I'm convinced that God has a great sense of humor! So grateful for the smiles and chuckles you share with those of us who are blessed enough to know where to find you!

Alison said...

Trish - The Cat Empire are indeed very jazzy, which is fitting really, as Jazzy is (one of) Miss J's nicknames!

Lani - Yeah.. They get their kewlness from me ;-) LOL

Linda - Thanks for saying hi :-) We are all horse lovers. The kewl girls LOVE your blog, especially the beautiful photos or mother and foal.

PW - Sharing is absolutely my pleasure!

katef - www.picklebums.com said...

he he he he I can see it now...

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is Kewl! Felix would be so proud.
Love Sammi xo

Alison said...

Kate - It is even better with sound! lol

Sammi - Yes, that is far kewler than "stand up for your rice", hey?
Felix would be proud.. LOL! You dag.

jeanie said...

lol - have you actually heard their "Lullaby" song - very unsleepy music indeed.

Alison said...

lol Jeanie - I quite like the Lullaby song and I agree that it is not very sleepy!
I read somewhere (ages ago) that heavy metal/rock music is supposed to be great for putting small children to sleep because all they hear is the beat (or something along those lines..).
I was never brave enough to try it, but maybe Miss J has proved the theory! lol