Yep. In two places.
Well, it's actually fractured in two places, but as the kewl girls struggle with F words I thought "broken" would be a safer explanation.

As you may have gathered, my foot took on a bowling ball and my foot lost.
"Ouch" would be the understatement of the century.

I have been feeling very sorry for myself - Six weeks of immobility! - What's that F word again?
This afternoon I was sulking on the couch while the girls were making tents with my crutches. Miss V left the game and her big sisters to come and see me. In my sour state, I was more focused on snapping at her to be careful of my foot than being appreciative of her concern. She braved my bitterness though, and squeezed in next to me. She patted my head, looked sadly at my foot and said, "It's broked, mum..."

Then she handed me the sticky tape and said, "Here, now we'll fix it."


(And again, ouch!)


M+B said...

What a little sweetie :-) If only life and fixing broken bones was that simple! Take care of yourself, Al.

Anonymous said...

Now Al, when is round two? Because I want good odds, OK? That child is so precious I could eat her up, sticky tape and all. Someone had to remind you to be appreciative- Onya V, better you than me!
Love to the krutch krew xoxo

Anonymous said...

Crikey, when you do something you do it well, yes? Lap up the sympathy, wish I could make you a cuppa or something!

debby said...

Good heavens. I never knew that bowling was such a dangerous sport!

Mom + 3 Toddlers + Broken Foot = woman in need of help. I wish that I were there to pitch in. Also hope that you've family and friends who can pitch in for the next six weeks.

Alison said...

M+B - Yep.. If only! Maybe our kids will grow up to become famous scientists who invent magical fixing tape! (Or maybe not..)

Sammi - Round 2? LOL! You are so funny. Really. Hilarious! Who died and made you comedian?
.. Oh wait, that was M.. My mistake! LOL
But yes, I did need an appreciation reminder.
And yes, better V than you! (She is cute.. you.. not so much..)

Rhubarb - I will certainly be lapping up the sympathy! I did actually do it fairly well, because the fractures are non-displaced so they don't have to hack into my foot to fix them.

Debby - Bowling is OK.. It's the bowling ball wielding children you have to look out for!
That is one scary equation, but I do like your answer better than mine... "= INSANITY!"

tiff said...

Awwwww, they really do have a way of melting your heart.
I love the new pic on the sidebar too.
What a little cutie.

Hope you mend well Alison.

jeanie said...

'Salina said "it hurts just by looking at it" when she saw the photo.

If anyone even looks sideways at you with the thought of offering you help, you are allowed to rope them in to giving you as much help as you need - even if it is bringing over some more sticky-tape!

katef - said...

Oh you poor bugger... I hope you have lots of support, if for no other reason to keep you sane!

Melody said...

How painful and broken too! No wonder. Get well soon....

Anonymous said...

I just spat tea all over the screen. Your shock value is off the charts this month.
You know, the thing about comedians is- they are never funny 'til they're dead. Then they're fuckin' hilarious.

Alison said...

Tiff - They are great with the unexpected heart melts! lol
I love that pic, too - an oldie but a goodie.

Jeanie - It is also possible for the girls to hurt it, just by looking at it!
I will be learning to ask for plenty of sticky tape these next few weeks, I think.

Kate - Sane? What's that? hehe

Melody - Somehow it hurts more once you know there is something broken. lol

Sammi - Meaning you're now trying to live up to a dead comedian... But no pressure or anything...

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. How did we manage to get from mending bones with tape, to the pressure of living up to dead comedians?
Only you, Al.

baby~amore' said...

hi Alison
hope your foot is on the mend and you are soon back on both feet.
take care and thanks for your kind words of support.