The vegetarian diet

New daycare person: You're vegetarian?
Me: Yes.
NDP: So you don't eat meat?
Me: No.
NDP: What about chicken?
Me: No.
NDP: Fish?
Me: No.
NDP: And the children don't eat meat either?
Me: No.
NDP: Or chicken?
Me: No. No chicken OR fish.
NDP: Oh. But they look healthy?
Me: Yes. They are healthy.
NDP: Oh.

J: Mum?
Me: Yes J?
J: Does that person have a disability?
Me: Kind of. She doesn't understand what being vegetarian means. We can teach her though, if she'd like to learn.
J: OK. Lots of people eat animals, don't they mum?
Me: Yes they do. You can as well if you would like to.
J: No. I like being vegetarian. [pause] Can I still eat boogies though?


debby said...

What IS it with kids and boogers?!

Lin said...

"Can I still eat boogies though?"


Good thing she didn't choose to eat vegan then. Hehe!

jeanie said...

lol - I was about to get you to explain to her about veganism, but Lin beat me to the punch!

Megan from Imaginif said...

omg...somebody has got to snap you up for stand up comedy. Paul McDermott should have you on The Sideshow.

I almost pee myself at some of your posts. They are so very, very funny.

I can't wait to hear what ndp is going to think of boogie inclusion in the vegetarian lunch box! Just because I'm a brat, I'd be sending sushi rolls labelled, boogie sushi. lol....your kids and I would be best mates.

A said...

Debby, all children are fascinated by bodily functions (aren't they?!). I think it's just that boogers are easily accessible and the most edible!
Lin and Jeanie, our definition of veganism is "not taking things that we did not make, or that weren't made for us". So unfortunately boogies are still in...
Megan, as much as I'd love to take the credit, it's all the girls'! I'd be humorless without them. LOL.
I think you might be onto something with the boogie sushi rolls! It would give me a laugh, at least.