That's my girl!

We don't have a television.

I LOVE not having a television.

Plenty of people think I'm nuts. They're probably right. Still, life without a "misery box" is joyous and that's exactly how I like it.
The girls also enjoy not having a TV. True, this is partly because they don't know what they're missing, but they also have amazing imaginations which more than suffice in keeping them entertained. Not to mention a property full of animals and plenty of room to play and run around.
(Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a go at people who have a television. I just love the way no TV works for us.)

Today a new friend came to visit with her 5yo son. The children played happily for about an hour, then Mr 5 came and asked if they could please watch ABC kids. When I told him we didn't have a television he didn't believe me. I think he thought I was just saying that to stop him watching it. He spent a good 20 minutes searching the house before finally accepting that we were in fact, TV-less.

In his state of shock, he turned to Miss F and asked, "But what do you DO in the afternoon?!"
She replied, "Go see the horses and go for a ride, play bakery, go to the p.a.r.k*, play gardens, race the dogs, make cookies, do magic tricks.... Why... What do YOU do?"

He was stumped.

I was proud.

Not because she stumped him, but because she made a great point. My point.
I know that's selfish and not at all a good good parenting practise- to make your points through your children.
But it was such a great point, and I'm nuts so I don't care.

*We now have to spell out the words p.a.r.k, w.a.l.k, r.u.n, and c.a.r so that Nelly doesn't get over excited and pee everywhere.


debby said...

My kids are grown now. I'm always telling them to make sure they're living life. All these couch potatoes...what happens when they die and their lives flash before their they see a life or a series of television re-runs?

You are giving your children great gifts.

Melody said...

Sometimes I wish we didn't have a telly, but then sometimes I am thankful for it! Living in the tropics and with the amount of rain we've had (ie. means we have to stay indoors) it has saved me many-a-times. Good on you and good on your girl for telling Mr 5 y.o.

I saw you via Jeanie. I'll be back. Cheers.

Megan from Imaginif said...

Beautiful example of positive peer pressure.

We grew up without a TV and I still find it difficult to sit still through a 1/2 hr serial - let alone a movie!!!!

My husband thought I was lying about not watching TV....until we moved in together and I really didn't watch TV. He corrupted me (and he taught me how to shuffle cards, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes) Bad husband. Thank fully I grew a brain and gave up the smoking quick smart.

I do love watching SVU though (a police, special victims, serial). When I grow up I am going to marry Olivia and Elliot.

A said...

We were given a TV a while ago and I put a DVD on for the girls. They lasted about 15 minutes. lol.
"Bad husband" indeed, Megan! Thank goodness you grew a brain!
I've heard of SVU. One of my drama students used a scene from it a while ago.

Lazy cow said...

I really don't know how kids fit in TV watching during a normal school day. By the time mine get home from school/kinder, have a snack, unwind, read, potter about, maybe go to the park, play with Lego, have a bath, it's dinnertime, brush teeth and stories before bed.
I WISH we could go without one, but my husband is a TV head, and we recently purchased a big screen monster, sigh. It's great to watch movies in occasionally, that's all I can say for it! Good on you!!!