Duh, Mum!

I've had one of those days! I just don't seem to be on the same, kewl, wavelength as the girls today.

First, F was patting the dog when she said to him, "You stink like pumpkins."
I asked her, "Does that mean he needs a bath?"
She replied, "Yes. With pumpkin juice."
I asked, "How would that make him stop smelling like pumpkins?"
F, "Because we give him a wash, mum. You know, a wash?" (duh!)

Then at the park, J was sitting on a platform playing shop keeper. I was to be her customer. I love her dearly and still, cannot compliment her customer service skills just yet:
Me: Could I have a banana please?
J: None left
Me: How about some corn chips?
J: Nope. Got none
Me: Do you have any pineapple?
J: *Shakes head*
Me: Surely you have some chocolate, then?
J: No. Shops CLOSED!
And she clapped her hands together imitating closing the window.

The clincher:
We found a (live) snake in the lounge room this afternoon. It was a green tree snake and so completely harmless, but not without the fright factor.
I explained to the girls that I got a fright when I saw him but I'm OK now because I can see he's not going to hurt us, so they don't need to be frightened either. We also talked about why he can't hurt us - because he's a "green tree snake" and not poisonous - and that he doesn't want to hurt us either, because he's friendly. After he made his exit I said "I wonder where he came from..", more thinking out loud than anything.
Miss V answered (quite bluntly), "A tree".
I so knew that.


jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yep - some days the wheels turn in tandem, some days they just don't work together.

Eeek to the snake, though. Logically you may know it to be safe, but nature says "flee, flee!"

Megan from Imaginif said...

lol...I LOVE your girls and their stating of the obvious.

In relation to the comment you left on my site today - Just going through and checking all your comments here. I will let you know via email if I think you have a problem.

Lin said...

lol! I know those 'duh' moments all too well.

The shop one reminded me of Little Britain.

A said...

Jeanie - nature definitely tells you to flee first. Then it says "Keep the dogs away so they don't eat it! Keep the cats away so they don't eat it! Keep the children away so they don't get TOO friendly with snakes.. And yes, so they don't eat it either. How am I supposed to remember that tree snakes come from trees with all of that going through my head?! lol.
Megan - My girls are definitely masters of the obvious! Thanks for checking out the comments here, I really appreciate it.
Lin - I often think we could make an awesome Little Britain take off with the hilarious things our children do.