Beautiful gesture

Nelly doesn't exactly have great manners around children yet. Tonight she jumped up onto the table while I wasn't looking and stole V's desert.
I thought it was hilarious (you have to hand it to her - the dog can jump!), as did F and J. Miss V, understandably, not so amused. When she realised her sister was so upset, Miss F put her arm around her, whispered sticky nothings into her ear (literally) and then gave her little sister her own unfinished bowl of ice cream. I was so moved by this gorgeous, selfless gesture from my beautiful girl I had a little tear, and didn't even notice Nelly paw my bowl of ice cream off the table, landing on top of her head.
Miss J then insisted that F and I should not go without, and we should get another bowl... Of course, if we get 'seconds' naturally she does too!