Warrior Wednesday

Dear Zy,

This week has been kind of an inside week for us - not because we've stayed inside, but because we've been ignoring the outside world. It's been all about finding joy again within our close family unit.

One of my favourite days was yesterday. It was a beautiful Queensland day - blue sky, warm sun and an abundance of delightful sights and sounds and smells. We spent almost the whole day outside celebrating our 'inside' week, and after lunch Miss J asked if we could do something to celebrate with you, too. There was a light breeze around that tickled my nose and whispered in my ear... "Bubbles..... Bubbles....!!" So I raided the kitchen for dishwashing liquid and found a couple of bubble makers, then we got stuck into cele-bubbling with you.

A smile made of love and magic spread across my face and my heart as the Kewl girls blew bubbles high into the sky, and the breeze carried them away to you. About half an hour into our cele-bubbling, Miss V called out, "Look mum! Zy blew a bubble back! And it's a love heart!!!"

My logical mind was about to kick in and explain why bubbles couldn't be in the shape of hearts, bla bla bla... But the brightness of Miss V's face distracted me for long enough to appreciate the moment, and cast my eyes skywards.

Then I called out, "Miss J, Miss F, look! Zy blew a bubble back to us! And it's a love heart!!!"

We all watched as a single bubble, shaped like a love heart, floated gently down from the sky. It danced around our heads long enough to tickle some tears from my eyes, then the Kewl girls blew some more bubbles to keep your heart company, and they all flew back up to the sky with you.

Oh Zy - Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. I always love seeing you and sharing moments with you, and yesterday you helped me find my light hearted, joyful space again, too.
See you again soon.

Love me.


tiff said...

Oh Al.

Goosies and tingles reading about your sweet angel while I'm missing my own boy tonight.

Melody said...

I think of my own lost daughter too - makes me appreciate the smallest things in life; like a heart shaped bubble for instance.

Blossom said...

wow..I got goosebumps