Today, being Friday, is photo challenge day over at Mountaingirls Musings. Each week there is a new theme - this week's is 'bush' - and the challenge is to come up with a relevant image. It's turned into a great learning project for the Kewl girls (and me!), as we've come across new words, new places, new ideas and new concepts... And we've had great fun coming up with our photo this week.
First we thought about what a "theme" meant, then had a brainstorm about what could come under the theme of "bush". It was great to see the girls' minds firing as they tackled the photo challenge pretty much on their own this week.
They had acquired more than a few pretty typical images of various shrubs and bushes around our home, before Miss V has a somewhat spectacular brainwave.
Coming home in the car one afternoon, we turned into our drive way and began the descent to our home, when Miss V exclaimed, "Hey! We live in the bush!!!!"
Naturally I stopped the car immediately and we all got out and stood on the roof so as to get a good picture of the bush, where we live.

So thanks MG, for a great challenge, some great learning, and of course - great fun!


Mama Zen said...

Excellent idea, Miss V!

Abbey said...

Mmm I have to post mine yet... Love the girls got into it, Bella used to when she blogged and she always seemed far more creative than myself

Jayne said...

Just found your blog from Jeanie in Paradise.
Enjoying it :)

M+B said...

Any chance you want to head over here and brainstorm "God" with Miss Boo???

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, great idea and great shot!

Alison said...

Mama Zen - Miss V says thank you (in sign, with both hands - very dramatic).

Abbey - I love the ability of kids to think outside the square!

Jayne - Hi and welcome :-)

M+B - Te Kewl girls are still mad at God for not bringing their Daddy back to life!

Welshcakes - Thanks! Sammi did some photo playing and made a b&w version with only the flags in colour. That is pretty kewl, too.

shygirl said...

gorgeous photo, very creative girls (all 4 of you!)