In an attempt to separate more of my thoughts into neat little boxes and have a place to put them outside of my pretty jam packed head space, I have created two new blogs.

One Second will focus on Safe Driving Awareness. With some time and energy I hope that this blog will facilitate discussion, help change the way we view dangerous driving and promote a zero tolerance attitude toward ourselves and others.
It is still in early development and much of the content is still in thought form, so if you are interested do keep checking back for updates.

The second new creation is more a spur of the moment kind of thing. In a moment of intense grief, I created a space to keep the boxes that are for Daddy Kewl. He will always be part of our lives, and I will still share our moments here on the Kewl blog, but there are some things that aren't child friendly or love light and bliss - and I need a different place for them.
Always Kewl is a private blog, but only to limit the arrival of Google Freaks and unwelcome comments - and mostly - just because when it comes to Daddy Kewl, I am a massive control freak.
I can't say it will be a fun blog, but I can say you're welcome to join us. Just leave a comment (here) so I can invite you.

Honestly, I'm feeling pretty exhausted at the moment. I'm hoping these new blogs will help me find some clear head space, but they could just as easily prove to be a result of puffy eyed sleep deprevation and not continue much past the first few posts.
Either way, we'll keep celebrating the moments and if they make it to blogland, even better!!!


Blossom said...

Gentle hugs.

I saw a work truck y'day with *Warrior* written on it.I immediately thought of your Zy.

more hugs

Naomi said...

I'd love to keep following you.

Anonymous said...

You already KNOW I'd love to follow you, but just in case you forget me, ... here I am!!! (Please?)

M+B said...

You know I want to be in too :)

PlanningQueen said...

If you are okay with it, I would like to keep following too.

Mountaingirl said...

I would love to be a part of the new blog :-)

Alison said...

Blossom - Thanks so much for having a Zy moment and sharing it with me. That just made my day!

Naomi - Nice to 'meet' you! Have sent you an invite.

Rhubarb - I have been so lazy with my blog following. I'm sorry. Thanks for sticking around.

M+B - Have sent you the invite :-)

PQ and MG - I don't have an email address for you two lovely ladies. Am off to leave a comment for you in case you don't check back here :-)

Mama Zen said...

One can never have too many blogs!