My Dad vs Your Dad

We went to the park again today, and I think Miss J decided that if her twin sister could have a "death" moment - She could, too.

Miss J was waiting patiently (as patiently as 4 and a half year old's can be, anyway) for her turn to go down the slide. There was another child at the bottom of the slide making a sandcastle.
Miss J said, "Excuse me please!"
The other child ignored her.
Miss J, getting frustrated, said, "Move please!"
Still nothing.
So Miss J started sliding and said, "I'm coming down!"

Upon reaching the bottom of the slide, the other child stood in front of Miss J, stopping her from getting off the slide and most likely treading on the sandcastle.

Miss J, already annoyed, said, "MOVE!"
The other child, also annoyed at being interrupted, said, "NO!"
Miss J, now very annoyed, said, "Move or I will push you!"
The other child said, "You can't do that or I will tell my daddy and he will get you in trouble!"

Miss J said, "Yeah, well if you don't move I will tell my daddy and he will haunt you!!"

I believe Miss J's Daddy won this round...


M+B said...

Ooohh your vicious Miss J :)

Mama Zen said...

Oh, that's funny!