Silver Lining

Miss F, "Mum look!!! Daddy turned the clouds pink for us!!!"

Well Daddy Kewl... I'm glad you're still good for something!!!


Blossom said...

how wonderful.
hug that girl from me!!!

Ian | Quantum Learning said...


Whenever I drop by here, I never know whether to laugh or cry! I usually end up doing both.

jeanie said...

Oh hon, he is still great for a lot of things - but the turning clouds pink is one of his most wonderful.

Alison said...

Blossom - Ohhh we love hugs :-)

Ian - Both are good! As long as there is plenty of laughter thrown in I am happy.

Jeanie - Pink clouds are pretty Kewl, aren't they?

M+B said...

He is so Kewl and he'll always be good for something :)