Back to the Future

Last night I decided I wanted my old blog back. The "purple page" (as the Kewl girls call it) with my favourite header image. I think the only reason it was changed in the first place was because I mentioned something to Sammi about wanting wider columns and wouldn't mind "a bit of a change", then turned my back for 5 minutes! Sammi is a bit of a whirlwind like that, and I am most grateful for her graphic energy and talent!

So, I changed the template and colours back and went searching for the original header (which Sammi also created) that I love so much. I fiddled with the html thingy until I accidentally on purpose made the header and columns wider, then I decided that the header image looked silly with a too large boarder, so I scaled the header up and now it's HUGE!!! But I love it. Actually, I didn't realise how much I missed the original purple page until I had it back again.

Another thing I didn't realise when I decided I wanted the old look back, was that it was this time last year when Sammi created the header image for me.
This time last year she had arrived for the Freak Fest, along with 40 other ex circus freaks.
This time last year I was surrounded by my freak family.
This time last year, we were all celebrating the surrogate pregnancy with Zy.
This time last year my two best friends in the world were on their way to becoming parents.
This time last year, I felt like I had finally made it through the worst of Daddy Kewl grief, and I could see the light again.

Now, as I look back on this time last year, the blog isn't the only thing I want to go back to.


Fe said...

Oh sweetie. What a heartbreakingly difficult year it's been for you. ((((hugs))))

I'm glad to see the purple back.. and I love the big blog header... I just wish that this time was easier for you.


Bush Babe said...

Yeah - I kinda missed this look too... and my heart aches for you. {{hugs}}

Melody said...

Sometimes it is good to reflect and I do like this purple page and original header - it is how I remember you.

I'm sorry for the past but hold great hope in your future...

Anonymous said...

I love the purple fave colour.

you have made it through the first year.....and often thats the hardest bit..........

gentle hugs