Freak Fest '08

Check out the new Kewl banner!!
How kewl am I?!!

Yep - Very. Especially as I got someone else to do it for me!

A big big thank you to Sammi - A darling freak who is here for the reunion and whom I am lucky enough to have as a friend. She has commented on here a few times (usually to dob me in for eating too much chocolate) and even though she doesn't blog herself, she is actually quite the computer whiz!

Sammi created the new banner in about half an hour, using software she'd never worked with before, AND she figured out how to put in on the blog for me! (Oh yeah, she is a typical, over achieving freak.)

She also came up with this image:

I quite like this one - But I think it is almost a little too perfect and I love our beautiful green garden in the background of the other one. What do you think?

My profile photo has also been updated. The last picture was taken at sunrise on the second anniversary of M's death - but as Sammi was kind enough to point out, "That was over a year ago now - move on already!"

Nothing like a freak telling it how they see it.

Three Times Kewl is not the only freak show benefiting from Sammi's creative genius... Not only does this blog have a new banner - The Freak Fest has one, too.

SO kewl.

Now I must go and freak out again, but as a final thought, I leave you with our festival slogan.
Given there are now 30 freaks here, with another 8 arriving tomorrow - It is not so much kewl, as it is highly appropriate...


"Never underestimate the power of freaks in large numbers."


katef - said...

oh looking very kewl!

M+B said...

I saw the new banner yesterday - I love it! Sammi is a genious!

Enjoy your Freak Fest!

Pencil Writer said...

I do like the new banner and the other banner and the profile photo. Love the flowers, like the garden in the background and, I guess I'm easy to please...sometimes! Tell Sammi--good job!

baby~amore' said...

Very kewl Al - Sammi is very talented indeed.

Alison said...

Thanks ladies. Sammi's head swelled so much after she read your comments that it got stuck in the door frame on the way out and her big red nose popped right off.
I have to agree though, she is very talented :-)

Debby said...

Unlike the freaks running our country, your freaks seem to be good natured people who can actually accomplish things....

jeanie said...

That is a gorgeous banner - have a freaky time!!!!

Megan from Imaginif said...

They're creepy and they're cooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether spooky, the Freaky-Kewl family. Nanananah, click, click, nanananah, click, click.....

I'm home.


Alison said...

LOL Debby - accomplish things, yes - useful things? hmmm, not so much!

Jeanie - Always!

So get a witches shall on
A broomstick you car krawl on
You've gotta pay a call on
The Freaky-Kewl family!

OMG Megan - How did you know that is our song!!! Welcome home :)

Aunty Megan-Morticia said... can't be your song silly because it's my song! I LOVE the Addams Family and I'll be happy to share them with you. Did you know....Paul has never seen either of the movies. Like me though, he is an old black and white series buff.

Perhaps Paul can teach the girls his version of the song - they'll like it, I can guarantee!


Megan again said...

PS: Can't help myself - sung to the most important tune in the world:

The Addams family started
when Uncle Fester farted
their faces made of mustard
Thing covered himself in custard

tiff said...

That is Freaky kewl Alison. Hope you keep on having a freaking good time.

Mountaingirl said...

I am delighted that not only do you have a circle of loving friends but that you share them with us. Love the banner you have (woth the garden).

You muist be laughing a lot because I can hear your joy in every word you ahve writen :-)

Alison said...

Megan - LOL *click click*

Tiff - Thanks :-) It is pretty freakin' awesome.

Mountaingirl - Sharing makes it even more fun! Yes, we are all about joy at the moment. It is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I love your new banner looks beautiful & perky